6 Keys for Finding a VoIP Business Partner

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With the many advances in telecom technology, businesses now have better and more cost-effective ways of communicating with their customers. One such way is the Voice over Internet Protocol, VoIP, which has brought many advantages to the modern-day business owner.

Reports show the projected corporate VoIP subscribers worldwide in 2020 was 204.8 billion, and the projected global VoIP phone system market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.1% by 2024. With the help of the right VoIP business partner, you can get into the market, becoming a trusted source for your customers as they modernize their communications to adapt to this highly dynamic and diverse work environment. By reselling white-label VoIP solutions under your own brand, both you and your customers benefit.

What Exactly Is VoIP?

VoIP allows phone calls through an internet connection and has become highly relevant in the business industry due to many great advantages. VoIP providers convert analog voice signals to digital ones using an internet connection. VoIP calls are made possible using IP based deskphones called soft phones that work on PCs and mobile devices via  computer to computer communication, or connecting a landline to broadband networks using an analog telephone adapter (ATA).

Advantages of VoIP

VoIP has risen in popularity and has become the preferred choice for many businesses because it gives companies so much more flexibility, features and cost savings. Here are more details of the advantages of VoIP and why you should consider working with a white-label VoIP business partner to sell VoIP to your own customers under your own brand.

1. Reduced Cost of Calls

The cost-effectiveness of VoIP is one of the most appealing advantages of VoIP technology. The cost of calling using VoIP is far less than half of what it used to cost to make phone calls using a landline. Though the amount saved from transitioning to VoIP differs from business to business, the fact remains that it saves the business money. VoIP requires no expensive up-front hardware investment, no installation costs, and you can add to, change or update your phone system (and add users) with a couple of clicks. You can add features, such as call queuing and transfer, call forwarding, and group calls that one would have otherwise had to pay separately for with traditional phones.

2. Better Voice Quality

VoIP technology has certainly come a long way since 1996. With the improvement in internet connectivity that has been witnessed over the years, and improved audio compression, VoIP offers unsurpassed voice and video quality during calls. The key to an excellent VoIP call is the strength and stability of the internet connection. The better your bandwidth, the better your voice quality.

3. Minimal Maintenance

Because there is no hardware or equipment with cloud-based VoIP, there is virtually no maintenance for the end-user, which means no downtime for the business using VoIP. If you intend to resell VoIP, your VoIP business partner takes on any maintenance and upgrade issues for you and your customers. 

4. Flexibility and Portability

VoIP has increased the mobility and portability of calling and allows the use of the same VoIP number across borders. VoIP works similarly to a mobile phone number, giving the user ultimate freedom to work from anywhere instead of being tethered to their desk phone. Adding or removing phones per location is a breeze since the location doesn’t matter. With this, remote work from virtually anywhere has become more attainable, attractive and productive than it was with traditional phones. 

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Six Things to Look for in a VoIP Service Provider

Helping your clients migrate from physical landlines to VoIP technology is as easy as choosing the right VoIP business partner. With the right white-label VoIP partner, you can outsource the majority of the technical and service issues to them so you can focus on building a stronger relationship with your clients by offering services that help them succeed. Here are 6 things to look for when evaluating a VoIP business partner.

Available Features

Most VoIP providers offer advanced calling features, many of which come included in a plan. Be sure they offer business SMS and MMS so your clients can text messages, photos and videos to their customers.Video collaboration is also a must and should enable web conferencing, audio conferencing, video conferencing, remote access and webinars all from one system.

Here are some other features to inquire about from a VoIP business partner:

–       SD-WAN

–       Softphones (both mobile and desktop)

–       Call Center and CCaaS

–       Tools for Quoting and Billing

–       Virtual Fax solutions

– Microsoft Teams connection

Besides these, there are a few other features that only a few VoIP service providers make available. When making your choice, looking through the available features the white-label provider can offer will surely help you select the right VoIP provider and make sure their  offers are the most beneficial to the growth of your business.

Quality of Service

One of the main reasons that influence people’s choice to transition to VoIP is the quality of calls one can make. Latency, jitter, or network congestion can greatly impact call quality, so look for a VoIP business partner that provides constant monitoring and diagnostic tools to maintain network health. 

Customer Support

You already know that a business with poor customer support often performs poorly. That’s why, when considering your options of VoIP business partners, customer support has to be a crucial deciding factor. The easier they make it for you to resell their VoIP service to your clients, the less effort you will have to put in and the more revenue you can make. Your partner should support you as well as your clients.

Integration of UCaaS with VoIP

Unified Communication as a Service or UCaaS is a technology that combines VoIP with team messaging and video conferencing. With UCaaS, businesses can communicate seamlessly with their teams and clients, even when working remotely — which is now the way most of us work.

The integration of UCaaS in VoIP allows users to switch between communication channels and enables them to collaborate easily with team members, no matter where they work. Being able to help your customers modernize their communications capabilities is a massive value-add and one that can help you grow your business.


Switching to VoIP technology isn’t without its risks. The internet poses inherent risks, so VoIP can be susceptible. Without the top-notch security provided by good VoIP service providers, your customers will be open to any hacker looking to access their business data and information. Be sure to askquestions about the security measures they have in place to prevent breaches will give you an insight into their security.

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Looking to Get Started with VoIP?

Clearly, VoIP can provide significant benefits to you and your customers. As a business service provider, you have the unique opportunity to bring real value to your clients and grow your business. Reselling VoIP through a trusted VoIP business partner reseller program is a great way to add a recurring revenue stream to your business as you help them modernize their communications.

Not all reseller platforms are the same. Make sure whichever partner you select provides a comprehensive offering complete with top-rated customer support for you and your clients. 

With the many values to look out for when choosing a VoIP business partner, the chances of being overwhelmed by so many options are high. Your best bet is to go with a company that has a long history in the communications industry and can onboard you quickly so you can resell under your own brand without a heavy lift. That means minimal startup costs, an automated quote-to-cash model, robust apps and system integrations, high platform reliability, and discounted devices from leading brands.

Contact SkySwitch to learn more about becoming a VoIP reseller to build your brand and your revenue.