Meet the Team that Helped Bring SkySwitch Teams Connector to Life


Microsoft Teams is a vital tool for a bevy of different businesses. But getting the most out of it wasn’t always the easiest thing – until now. 

SkySwitch’s Engineering and Development teams have worked incredibly hard and diligently to bring the Teams Connector platform by SkySwitch to life. 

Resellers are now able to bring an easy, efficient, and fast way to connect SkySwitch and Microsoft Teams for their customers. 

Spend a few minutes meeting (some) of the team that helped make this awesome innovation a reality.

Video Transcript:

Andy Abramson

Good morning, everybody. Welcome. Welcome, welcome. Welcome to probably the biggest ever SkySwitch Webinar in history. 

It is amazing the number of signups we have for today’s topic, which is all about the Microsoft Teams Connector and how it integrates so elegantly, so nicely, so perfectly for all SkySwitch resellers and why we’ve made it easier for it to work. 

You see, the whole idea around the Microsoft Teams Connector is to make it easier for you to connect your customers with the Microsoft Teams platform with the SkySwitch platform.

 So, we have to tell you that the SkySwitch engineering team and development team have been working for months, very diligently behind the scenes, to ensure that you resellers really have great access to the best of all telecom solutions available. 

As a result of all this hard work, we’re really excited to announce that SkySwitch has made connecting with Microsoft Teams fast and easy to deploy with the new SkySwitch Teams Connector

We also wanted to make sure our resellers fully understand the way the SkySwitch Teams Connector works and how the integration is so functional. I’m Andy Abramson. I’m with SkySwitch. I’m going to be joined by our good friend, probably the unsung hero inside the SkySwitch executive team, Corey Stoker, who’s our VP of support. 

Many of you know Corey. I’m going to call it (this webinar) Corey recognition and appreciation day because Corey has done yeoman like work to make this happen and bring the SkySwitch Teams Connector to the forefront. 

We’re also joined by Micah Singer, the Managing Director of Teammate Technology, who we worked with to deploy the API that makes this such an elegant and easy to use solution versus everything else that’s out there. And we’re going to talk all about that and all the intricacies that make the Teams Connector so, so, so good. 

What are we going to cover this week? 

Well, we’re going to cover what the Teams Connector really is exactly, who this app is right for because candidly, it’s not right for everybody. 

What are some of the benefits for you to be selling teams with our PBX integration with SkySwitch or for starters, it makes you money. 

And there’s also some risks of introducing Teams Calling with PBX integration because there’s some hurdles to do it. It’s not a one size fits all solution. That’s out there, but because of what we’ve done with Corey and Micah, we’ve made it easy and better for you. And lastly, we’re going to talk about all the documentation and set up information and as well as getting you started. 

So, without further ado, you guys know who I am. You don’t need to know my background, but let’s talk a little bit about Corey. 

Corey has been in the voiceover IP industry for about 11 years. He’s been in IP management, leads our support team, and really optimizes the Support Department to make it work great. 

Corey believes that support must be attacked from every angle. It’s not just about solving trouble tickets and resolving issues, but really it’s about preventative medicine, identifying the trends, continuous employee development, training, documentation, customer education. Corey has done it all. 

So, Corey’s got a bunch of employees who help him. We’ve grown from five people who started working with him to now 32, he’s built a continued developing training program and he allows the support personnel to really train by reading, watching videos, and all that. 

So, that’s Corey and then Micah Singer. Well, Micah has been a technology disruptor for years. He’s been on the webinars with us before just like Corey. He founded VoIP Logic and then sold to BroadSoft in 2016, which of course now is owned by Cisco. 

Before that, he was the VP of Business Development at Justice Technology and founded Omni Access and is a graduate of Williams College. And when he’s not busy coming up with great technology solutions, you can find him riding up and down the hills as he’s an avid cyclist.

This team of innovators helped lead the development and implementation of the SkySwitch Teams Connector platform to bring SkySwitch resellers even more opportunities to give their customers the resources and tools that make connecting easier than ever before. 

To see more about the Teams Connector platform and what it can do for you, check out the full webinar right here