Snom’s M10 and M10R KLE Wireless DECT Handset Enables You to Walk While You Talk

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Sometimes being tethered via cord to your desk all day simply doesn’t work — perhaps if you manage a retail store or just need to move about your workplace. That means you need a portable solution. Enter the Snom’s M100 KLE DECT base station accompanied by the M10 KLE handset. 

These high-fidelity, functional cordless phones bring flexibility, performance and utility that can’t be matched or offer that mobility without the need for a WiFi network or forwarding calls to a mobile phone.

Features and Out-of-the-Box Experience

First, let’s talk about model numbers so the rest of the review makes sense. 🙂 

The M100 KLE is the base station that plugs into your office’s wired network. It has the appearance of a cable modem and enables the system to function correctly — and facilitates up to 10 cordless phones to work properly. The M100 KLE plugs in via ethernet and can be powered by power over ethernet (PoE) or the included AC adapter.

The M10 KLE and M10R KLE are the two cordless handsets I’ve been testing that work with the M100 base unit. Respectively, these are the regular version and the ruggedized 10R version that adds water resistance and shock resistance — perfect for businesses who may take the cordless handset outdoors, or in backrooms where concrete floors are the norm.

M10 KLE Handset
M10R KLE Handset

Let’s cover the M100 base unit features:

  • Easy wireless installation
  • HD audio
  • Compatible to 10 cordless handset or deskset
  • Advanced call handling

A for the M10 KLE handset:

  • 1.8” LCD screen
  • Four LED backlit programmable keys
  • Nine hours of talk time and seven days of standby
  • Local phonebook up to 1,000 entries
  • Call handling: call hold, forwarding, timer, Caller ID
  • 2.55 mm corded headset jack

The M10R KLE has the same feature set as the M10 and adds shock and water resistance.

When you open the boxes for these devices, you’re greeted with all the cables and necessities to get up and running. If you buy your Snom M100 and M10 KLE system through SkySwitch, it already comes provisioned and is ready to go right out of the box. 

For me, because these came directly from SNOM, I used the handset’s user interface to specify the settings needed for me to get the phones up and running.

Use and Performance

After a week of using the Snom DECT wireless handset, I am very impressed. The KLE set delivers an easy to use experience, crystal clear audio quality, amazing distance and fantastic battery life.

As for call performance, the Snom M10 and M10R shine. I used the phones to call colleagues by extension and landlines and mobiles across the United States. During every call, my callers’ audio was clear and audible — and they said the same for my voice. I tested out the phone’s speakerphone functionality and found it worked well. But, if I am more than 2 feet away from the handset, callers reported they had trouble hearing me.

Does your business have a large footprint? You’ll be stunned by the Snom M10 KLE’s range. I walked all around my two-story office and never experienced any dropouts or cut out voices — which is a strong testament to the handset’s range, fidelity and capability.

As for the M10R KLE, I dropped the handset to test the shock resistance and showered the device — as advertised, these tests didn’t foil the handset. It just kept working as if nothing had happened

Finally, let’s talk about battery life. The M10 KLR and M10R KLE live up to the promised battery life. I spoke for more than 8 hours between charges on these phones, so if you’re looking for a long-lasting, long-range and durable phone set, seek no further.


The Snom M100 base station combined with the M10 KLE handset has proven to be a high-performing office phone — perfect for businesses that need to have wireless flexibility that really performs. This phone set will give you days worth of talk time and a rugged toughness that will keep you connected and in-touch with your colleagues and more.

*Like all products Jason Harris is reviewing, this device is available in the SkySwitch store, accessible through the SkySwitch Reseller Dashboard.