Using SD-WAN to Optimize VoIP with Bigleaf Networks

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We are pleased to include Bigleaf Networks as a SkySwitch Ecosystem partner and to be included as a member of Bigleaf’s Cloud Assurance Program.

Bigleaf’s solution is ideal for use at customer sites with two or more Internet connections.  Bigleaf provides real-time failover and load-balancing with seamless mid-session re-routing based on ISP circuit quality.

Although the public Internet is always getting better, it is still not possible to say that it can consistently provide business class QoS for VoIP and UCaaS deployments .  SD WAN technology, while still in it’s infancy, is becoming the accepted way to make over-the-top (OTT) VoIP work and provide reliable QoS to smaller, outlying locations, that normally wouldn’t warrant direct MPLS connectivity.

Our experience with the Bigleaf solution so far has been exceptional, and we look forward to helping SkySwitch resellers continue to succeed with yet another proven tool.