CCaaS Reseller Powers MyPillow’s Growth


SkySwitch Reseller, Davco Technologies Inc., is featured in a Customer Magazine case study about the solution it designed for online pillow powerhouse MyPillow.

Davco used the SkySwitch CCaaS platform to create a unique solution that allowed MyPillow to handily exceed its goals.

According to Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, “[t]he system … is a game changer. Since word spread about the new MyPillow work environment job-seekers have been stacking up like “cord wood” to apply for open agent positions because we give them the flexibility to work when and where they want, and they know that hard work has tangible results here.”

The SkySwitch CCaaS solution is a true multi-tenant cloud service that delivers all of the features and functionality of an enterprise grade contact center platform in a format that maximizes a reseller’s opportunity for success. Resellers can leverage SkySwitch to empower any small business, such as a doctor’s office or a real estate agency, with the same advanced contact center tools used by the largest corporations. More than that, by building on the system’s open architecture, resellers can create innovative bespoke solutions such as the one that Davco created for MyPillow.

The SkySwitch Call Center as a Service offering has an open API that allows SkySwitch Resellers to integrate and customize applications system-wide or on a per tenant basis. With these options, it is possible to tightly integrate 3rd party applications, such as CRM or ERP, into agent desktops, as well as allow business customers to build and execute their own custom applications.

To read the SkySwitch case study, download it here.