SkySwitch is Now Integrated with ReachUC Mobile and Desktop Apps


We are pleased to announce that SkySwitch is now integrated with ReachUC, a suite of advanced UC applications and tools.  This integration is the our latest attempt to develop a viable soft-client replacement for the traditional SIP deskphone, and represents what we believe to be the cutting edge of what is possible with available technology.  

With ReachUC and the SkySwitch UCaaS platform, end users can now access common functionality  from their SIP deskphone, mobile app, or desktop environment.  Supported features include secure VoIP, Video, and GSM calling, SMS and text chat with business line, PBX presence and contact management, web conferencing, fax sending, and push notifications. Future enhancements include support for XMPP and group messaging with Slack. The application is  available on  Apple iOS and Android mobile devices as well as Mac and Windows desktops.   

Apple iPhone users benefit from ReachUC support for Apple CallKit, a newly released API construct by Apple that gives the ReachUC iOS app a native look and feel and allows it to responds appropriately to system-level behaviors such as Do Not Disturb and Answer from Lock Screen.   CallKit brings the user experience for iPhone users up to par with Android, which has allowed VoIP apps to access the native dialer for nearly two years.

ReachUC also includes tools that extend PBX features to several popular desktop applications,  including a click-to-call extension for Google Chrome, and a plug-in to place calls, synchronize contacts and send faxes from Microsoft Outlook.

To commemorate this milestone, I created a short video that highlights the major features of the integration.