SkySwitch Introduces PBX Fone for Android and iOS

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 1.45.21 AM

SkySwitch is happy to announce the availability of PBX Fone, a mobile client that runs on Google Android and Apple iOS devices.  PBX Fone is a SIP softphone that is tightly integrated with the SkySwitch Web Centrex white label hosted PBX  solution.   It is currently available as a free download from the Google Play store and from Apple’s iTunes.

What sets PBX Fone apart from other mobile clients such as the popular Bria softphone from Counterpath or the Zoiper softphone, is that PBX Fone extends the most popular PBX features directly to the mobile device.

These features include:

  • Ability dial internal (extension) and external (PSTN) destinations.
  • Ability to view call history from PBX.
  • Ability to set find-me/follow-me rules on the PBX
  • Ability to store, fetch and dial PBX contacts as well as device phone book contacts.
  • Displays the presence status of contacts.
  • Captures  logs to be sent to support (in case of issues such as application crash).
  • Record any call to the PBX with a single touch.
  • Visual voicemail streams voicemail messages stored on the PBX for easy playback, and manages messages left on the server; eg. delete and forward them to other user’s email.
  • While a call is in progress, user can transfer it to any contact or phonebook entry.
  • Single button option to transfer to “My Extension”, which allows caller to transfer to any of his own extensions.
  • Single button option to transfer to “My Cell Phone”, which allows caller to transfer a call to the cellular channel of the mobile device in case of data channel degradation.
  • One-touch access the the PBX end user web portal.
  • After any call session is ended, User can make notes about the call.  Notes will be saved to PBX call history.
  • Support for multiple themes/designs which are controlled from a central configuration server.

With these features, business users have all the conveniences of mobility because the most important and commonly used features can now be accessed from anywhere.

To learn more, contact your SkySwitch representative or request a callback here.