Funnycall Gets Serious About SIP Session Control

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Funnycall is an Apple iPhone app that allows users to make “funny” phone calls by playing sounds and changing the caller’s voice using any of nine effects such as Echo, Alien Cyborg and Chipmunk.

When the developers of Funnycall wanted to get serious about their VoIP and webservices infrastructure, they called SkySwitch.

Although the app has been on the market since 2010, amassing more than 10 million downloads along the way, the creators struggled to find a platform that would facilitate their continued  growth.  In particular, they were searching for a scalable on-demand SIP platform with a flexible customer-management and real-time charging API.

The SkySwitch SIP Session Control platform filled their needs perfectly.   With the SkySwitch “always-active” network both call traffic and API transactions can be load-balanced across multiple physical servers in the Company’s geographically diverse data centers  (SkySwitch is collocated at InterNAP facilities in New York and Dallas).    And  future growth can be easily accommodated because new capacity can be brought online seamlessly and without any impact to existing traffic.

The SkySwitch team has been working with mobile app developers for years and knows what it takes to make a success.  If you have a mobile app (or an idea for a mobile app) and need  rock-solid infrastructure, email or click here for a callback.