The Power of White-Label UCaaS for Customized Communications

The Power of White-Label UCaaS for Customized Communications

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is well on its way to becoming the primary communications option for businesses of all sizes, across every industry. In fact, 75% of companies are expected to have it by 2030. When demand is that certain, resellers are actively exploring which white-label UCaaS opportunities are available for their businesses. However, most resellers find themselves in a Goldilocks situation when it comes to choosing the right way to offer UCaaS to current and future clients:

  1. They can’t build their own UCaaS applications from the ground up, as there are too many technical requirements, too much maintenance, and too high of a cost to make a profit.
  2. They can’t work with many companies looking for client-facing partners because the terms, packages, and pricing requirements are far too strict. It feels like giving up business control and instead becoming a sales rep for existing products.

Finding UCaaS packages that are ‘just right’ offers a tremendous amount of value for resellers who want to balance good service options with business autonomy. However, the right white-label UCaaS company may be precisely that. By understanding the benefits white-label options provide and how to choose a partner that offers the benefits you value most, you can grow your product offerings and power up your organization.

4 Benefits of Reselling White-Label UCaaS to Your Clients

UCaaS is a multi-modal solution that encompasses all the major channels modern companies need to communicate internally and externally. Video conferencing tools, telephony, instant messaging, and in-platform communication functions all fall under this broad umbrella. Increasingly, businesses value this structure over the use of disconnected tools. This technology facilitates the formation of a comprehensive knowledge base, makes client communication smoother, and increases data security. 

Those are the benefits for clients as well as the benefits your organization can access with UCaaS in place. Consider four adjacent benefits of selling white-label UCaaS to your clients and being the one to provide such wins.

Benefit #1: Stay on the Modern Edge of Communication Solutions That Your Clients Care About

Some of your clients may have just started considering VoIP, and others may be actively searching for UCaaS they can adopt today. Wherever your clients are in the technological journey, it’s best to have a wide array of features that serve their needs. 

This isn’t just so you can give them services that fit their business best—it’s also to show that you’re keeping up with industry developments. Your clients will know they can turn to you for advice on which investments make the most sense for their tech stack.

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Many resellers are both service managers and business consultants. When you add UCaaS to your offerings and discuss the options with your clients, they’ll know you’re informed, on top of ongoing digital transformations, and a good resource for their questions. Whether they switch to UCaaS now or leave it as an option for the future, they’ll remember you have what they need.

Benefit #2: Create UCaaS Packages That Align With Your Brand

The primary difference between selling someone else’s UCaaS through your business and selling white-label UCaaS is that you stay in control. Many conventional UCaaS providers partnering with resellers might set restrictions on pricing, only allow certain types of packages, and make it difficult for user organizations to scale up or down. 

This inflexibility is bad for both end clients and your brand because it doesn’t represent your organization’s values or let you truly serve your customers. More flexible white-label UCaaS options offer far fewer barriers by allowing you to:

  • Create packages that are uniquely suited to the niche you serve, whether that’s field services companies, small professional services groups, or anyone in between. Each industry requires radically different communication environments, and a few generalized options won’t serve any of them effectively.
  • Brand and market your services the way you want. White-label is a blank slate so you can create your own marketing campaigns without having to follow stringent messaging requirements. You can blog, prospect, create PPC ads, and network according to your marketing and branding goals.
  • Set pricing that works for you. Some UCaaS reseller programs set strict pricing requirements, limiting your profit margins and ability to give discounts according to your business strategies (ex., for new users, loyal clients, bigger businesses, or non-profits). However, when you have a white-label UCaaS provider that gives you more freedom, you retain control over pricing decisions and promotional campaigns.

Benefit #3: Maintain the Power to Customize and Scale the Packages You Offer

Through white-label UCaaS, you can customize your product offerings to suit individual client needs when exemptions need to be made. For example, if you have a client who’s a key referral partner and needs to change the number of licenses they hold or the programs they use, you can determine any fees or processes for that transition. 

With this level of flexibility, you can make real-time business decisions, offer your clients a responsive level of service, and not have to go through intermediaries to have those exceptional cases approved. Proper white-label UCaaS gives you more complete control over how your business runs.

Benefit #4: You Don’t Have to Develop and Power the UCaaS Infrastructure

So far, we’ve examined the flexibility-related benefits that a white-label UCaaS provider offers. The other side of the coin is that you get a pre-built and continually managed infrastructure. The partner guarantees uptime, handles technical questions or challenges, and ensures the software and platform provide the reliable communication channels your clients rely on. 

You don’t have to dedicate long business hours to chasing down bugs, trying to resolve unscheduled downtime, or examining the technical compatibility of different applications. It’s all done for you while you maintain visibility into overall performance, uptime, and usage.

How to Find the Right White-Label UCaaS Provider

Accessing optimal flexibility and hands-off maintenance means selecting the right white-label UCaaS provider. As you compare options, you may already be on the alert for pricing, ratings and reviews, uptime guarantees, and technical expertise. It’s just as important to make sure the white-label aspect is as versatile as possible. Good partners offer both support and flexibility. When you’re exploring options, make sure you get a clear understanding of the following three aspects:

1. How Does The Provider Handle the Technical Details of UCaaS Operations?

The roles must be clearly defined. Opt for a partner that lists exactly what it provides so you know where their involvement begins and ends. This will ensure the most effective services for your clients. Look for details regarding:

  • A comprehensive UCaaS platform. Look for a platform that houses all communication channels and apps. It should be easily installed on phones and desktops, and you, as the admin, should be able to customize client portals to suit their packages
  • Contact center and support. While you handle setup and strategic client conversations, the service provider should handle technical help and support. However, such services still reflect your brand, so make sure it’s the image you want to portray. Give your customers options with a partner that offers SMS, chat, real-time calling, and chatbot tools for technical queries.
  • Guarantees on uptime, customizable rates, and other aspects of service. Opt for a provider that offers services you can be proud to call your own. That way, you can confidently communicate guarantees to clients regarding reliability and pricing stability.

2. To What Extent Do You Retain Control Over Pricing, Packages, and Programs?

Surface-level white labeling simply plasters your brand name and logo over preexisting packages without giving you real control over the nature of the products. It positions you as more of an affiliate partner than a business owner. Instead, look for service providers that put the pricing decisions and product combinations in your hands. 

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Before signing up with a program, get clear answers on marketing control, pricing and billing options, and every other element of the client experience.

3. How Does the Provider Support Your Administrative and Billing Functions?

UCaaS and telephony business services incur complex taxes and fees, even if the services don’t use traditional landlines or infrastructure. Look for partners that give you resources to manage additional fees, clearly communicate them to end clients, and help you stay compliant without dipping too much into your cash flow. After all, you’re looking for that ‘just right’ service partner, and that includes support with niche tasks that help everyone succeed.

Keep Control of Your Business Operations While Reselling UCaaS

UCaaS is becoming increasingly critical for companies around the world, and that makes it even more business-critical for your reselling organization. Staying current with new offers, integrations, and communication solutions will help you retain current clients and secure new ones as companies shift toward unified software for every aspect of their business. At SkySwitch, we offer a dynamic white-label UCaaS solution for resellers who want to offer high-quality products while still retaining control over product decisions. Get started today to see how easily you can add UCaaS to your product offerings.