Too Many Tickets: How This Reseller Stayed Ahead by Keeping it Simple


Here’s a highlight from our Resellers Helping Resellers webinar where we ask our best resellers what problems their customers faced from the pandemic, how they solved it, and what we can learn from it to be even more prepared for the future.

Video Transcript:


What’s the one thing, or two things, that you learned now that you wish you knew this before all this started because it would’ve made your life a lot easier and your customer’s life easier.


I think it’s, from a support issue, they (customers) didn’t use the kiss method: Keep It Simple, Stupid. 

We had a ton of tickets come in and people are like, ‘my phone doesn’t work.’ And we’re like, ‘what do you mean your phone on work?’ 

At the end of the day, they were plugging (their phone) into the wrong slot on the back of the phone. They get their poly-com and they plug it into the computer slot to plug into the ethernet port the back of the phone. 

We must have had 30 or 40 tickets open. It was crazy. So we just came up with a quick document, sent it out to everybody, and all of a sudden those (tickets) started slowing down.

So that was one of the big things, from the support side that we learned. We probably should have made that a little bit more clear with people taking these phones home.

So that was kind of one of the big things that we learned. And then, from a sales perspective, where we’ve had some pretty good success right now is talking to a lot of restaurants, that they were hurting because they didn’t know how to go mobile. 

Using all the texting features that SkySwitch has, we’ve actually walked into quite a few deals just by having the SMS feature and kind of educating our clients on how the mobility works from the VoIP side. I wish we, we thought of that at the beginning of all this, I think we could have picked up some more clients, but, those are my two takeaways.


I want to dig a little deeper. And Corey did a great video on our appointment reminder app with restaurants because I know they make up a good chunk of our resellers’ businesses around the country. What exactly are you seeing the restaurants doing and how is it helping them, which in turn, if you’re helping your customer, it’s helping your business?


You know, a lot of them (didn’t know) that you can text their menu to this (customer’s) number and it sends the customer their menu. 

That was a big thing that a lot of my restaurants were doing. They were also using it as a way to place orders, just click here and it automatically dials into their SkySwitch phone (number). 

Those are two big things customers really liked because a lot of their customers were asking, ‘Hey, what’s your menu again?” And they (the restaurant) would go ‘great’, and just texted the menu to them. They’re like, ‘that was awesome,’ but then they (the customer) just hit ‘dial’, and boom, it would connect them to the restaurant. So, that was the two big things that the restaurants really took advantage of now.

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