Become a UCaaS Expert With These Sessions at Vectors 2019

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As a SkySwitch Reseller, you need to stand apart from the crowd. And that’s what Vectors is all about — gaining valuable new skills, learning about technologies from the best in the business and mastering how to effectively sell those technologies.

The Vectors TechSpert speakers are the players changing the landscape that will transform your customer’s business…which is why you need to be there.

We’ve curated a packed session schedule that will increase your knowledge, teach you new skills and provide the hands-on training you need, so you can know more, sell more and grow more.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect to learn:

How to Link Online Campaigns to Inbound Calls

All of your customers use pay-per-click campaigns or SEO marketing to generate business. The problem is that it’s really difficult to know when a customer call was triggered by which online asset. 

You can solve this problem with SkySwitch and Call Rail. This session will teach you how to use Call Rail to dynamically generate campaign-specific phone numbers linked to your web assets so that inbound calls can be properly attributed, tracked and verified.

How to Create Natural Language IVR with Twilio

SkySwitch is planning to add speech recognition capabilities to its internal IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system.  But, you don’t have to wait for SkySwitch to meet your customers’ demands for this feature. 

With Twilio’s drag-and-drop IVR Studio, it’s possible to build a full-fledged IVR system that’s easy to navigate by voice or keypress. This session will teach you the basic skills needed to create an IVR that works in conjunction with SkySwitch UCaaS

How to Leverage Microsoft Teams and Office 365

Microsoft is on a mission to make Teams a replacement for the traditional PBX in 2021.  But in the meantime, it’s possible to use Microsoft’s marketing efforts to your advantage by connecting Office 365 users to your PBX service.

This session will teach you everything you need to know to identify opportunities among customers that use Office 365, close big deals and win in the UCaaS business by selling Teams-enabled SIP Trunks.

How to Increase Revenue and Decrease Churn with CRM Connectors

Small and medium-sized businesses are adopting cloud CRM systems faster than ever before. But many are not aware that their staff would be more productive if they connected the CRM system to their cloud phone system. 

In this session, you’ll be learning how to upsell existing customers, and beat your competition on new deals, by being an expert at CTI (Computer Telephony Integration).

How to Become a Robocall Expert

Everybody hates the growing scourge of robocalls, also known as telephone spam.  It’s a thorny problem that has no easy solution.

Although spam-detection services such as the one provided by SkySwitch partner Nomorobo can help, they aren’t a complete solution.

To be credible and gain consumer trust among victims of robocalls, you need to know your stuff. This session will explain the technological underpinnings of the problem, as well as the solutions that are being proposed by both Congress and the industry so that you can be a robocall expert to your customers.

And More…

In addition to all the above, SkySwitch staff will provide training sessions on all of our existing products, as well as all the new products that we plan to announce and release at Vectors. Training topics will include ReachUC, Business SMS, CamCommand and SD WAN.

If you want to better yourself, better your business and better your customers, join SkySwitch at Vectors 2019 in Orlando, October 27-30th at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort. Bring the family if you wish, and enjoy all of Universal Studios and the fun of being in Orlando. 

We hope to see you at Vectors 2019!