In UCaaS, Small is Big

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A new report and podcast from Amy Lind, Research Manager with IDC’s Communications Services practice, has everyone talking about the “hidden” opportunity in UCaaS – SMBs.

Just today, Rich Tehrani from TMC observed how selling to SMBs creates more value for white label resellers:

As we’ve told you before, white-label in UCaaS and cloud phone systems can double the margins for resellers – perhaps from 20% to 40% and also increase the valuation of the reseller. The reason for the valuation bump has to do with the fact the reseller owns the relationship in this scenario so this revenue is more valuable to an acquirer.

And Peter Radizeski tweeted:

Of course, this is not news to the 350 SkySwitch resellers that are killing it in the market every day.  But it’s nice to see the rest of the world catching on.

Listen to Amy’s podcast here: