Webinar Replay: How to Work From Home Successfully

Business woman having a video call with coworker

Earlier this week, the SkySwitch team hosted a webinar that covered everything you need to know to work from home successfully and how SkySwitch resellers can counsel their customers who need assistance with this rapid office to remote work environment transition.

Our team of Work From Home Experts who gave tips and advice to the SkySwitch Community included:

  • Andy Abramson, SkySwitch CMO
  • Emily Vasquez, SkySwitch Communications Manager
  • Jason Harris, SkySwitch Product Reviews Editor
  • Darren Buckner, Workfrom CEO

This webinar was jam-packed with tips and advice you can use to work from home smarter, so make sure to watch the webinar replay and check out the slide deck below.


To give you a quick highlight reel, here’s what our team covered in the webinar…

How the SkySwitch Store Supports the Demand for Work From Home and Safe Work Solutions 

In early March, we saw a huge spike in sales for Power-Over-Ethernets and Power Supplies (aka Power Bricks). The increase in demand was so sudden, that it was difficult to keep inventory levels replenished. But thanks to the hard work of Kelly Osborne, our e-Commerce Operations Manager, we have been able to source work from home solutions that are in high demand.

The team created the “Work From Home Solutions” category in the SkySwitch Store to initially create a convenient spot during this mad rush, but the category has evolved over time. The team has received questions about what solutions resellers can offer to their customers who don’t have the ability to work from home, but still need to practice safe social distancing during this COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. This category is now called “WFH and Safe Work Solutions”, and in this webinar, we discuss the hot items for both work from home and safe workplace needs.

Be More Productive With the Right Work From Home Gear

As SkySwitch’s resident gadget geek, Jason Harris had a lot to say about the devices you need to successfully work from home, how to determine which devices are the best fit for you and how resellers should approach advising the best solutions for their customers.

Jason Harris covered work from home essentials like headsets and speakerphones, and detailed all of the different specifications you should be considering when choosing the right one to match your work style and schedule. In addition, he discussed some other gear that most people don’t think about when it comes to working from home successfully, like the type of internet connection you have and softphone clients that make you more reachable for your team.

The Life of the Anywhere Worker: Top Tips and Advice

Darren Buckner, Workfrom CEO, dived into the major do’s and don’ts for remote work, how not to go crazy if you’re new to remote work, how to manage distractions, how to stay connected with your co-workers and social etiquette for working from home.

In just 15 minutes, he provided webinar attendees with a litany of advice they could use for themselves, and as resellers counseling their own customers who have made the sudden transition from the traditional office environment to their home office. 

A big question the audience was interested in knowing, was how to stay connected with their co-workers with the barrier of physical distance? Darren suggested creating Slack channels or chat groups dedicated to non-work talk, so co-workers could still engage in “watercooler conversation” – physical separation doesn’t need to mean social separation!

To listen to more tips like these from Darren, Jason and Andy, make sure to listen to the full webinar recap. If you’d like to review the webinar slide deck, you can download this PDF.