Webinar Rewind: Safe Workplace Solutions For Your Customers That Can’t Work From Home

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Yesterday, the SkySwitch team hosted a webinar focusing on Safe Workplace Solutions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a surge of employees quickly adapting to work from home environments. However, many essential workers can’t easily fulfill their job responsibilities from home and still need to report on-site. What can you, as a SkySwitch Reseller, do to help alleviate the pain points that essential workers experience when trying to create a safe work environment for the workers and the customer?

Our group of expert panelists, SkySwitch CMO, Andy Abramson, SkySwitch Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) Specialist, Justin Baker, and CyberData President, Phil Lembo, walked us through all of the current problems we’re facing today and the solutions for those problems — along with great tips, observations and insightful banter that will help you help your customers!

Watch the Webinar Rewind below, download our slide deck and read on for the important highlights of the webinar.


What problems are essential workers faced with today?

Identifying the problem you’re trying to solve is one of the most important steps when it comes to properly consulting your customers. Our team has observed three major three problems that essential workers experience, which include:

  1. An uptick in burglaries and vandalism at unattended businesses, such as schools and libraries 
  2. Practicing social distancing and safe work practices when working on-site with others instead of working alone from home
  3. The need to heavily regulate who is admitted on-site, like medical offices or locked and gated facilities 

How does CamCommand help solve these problems?

CamCommand is SkySwitch’s Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) solution. It’s quick and easy to deploy, and by removing the need for on-premise storage and working through the cloud, your customers have instant access to footage. This is especially important now when businesses want to avoid having security personnel on-site, and need live notifications for urgent matters, like break-ins.

Along with features that include Cloud Voice and Hosted PBX integration, triggered event notifications, easy scalability, unlimited camera connections and unlimited guest users, CamCommand offers your customers not only a surveillance solution but also a security and safe workplace solution.

Make sure to listen to the full webinar replay to learn more about CamCommand’s unique features, and for tips and ideas on how to sell CamCommand.

What has CyberData observed during this time of uncertainty?

As leaders in SIP-based VoIP paging and mass notification devices, the team at CyberData are experts when it comes to contactless communication for businesses. CyberData President, Phil Lembo, first explained typical use-case scenarios you’d see with their products, like their multicast microphone to broadcast live messages to all endpoints, or their SIP paging server to enabled zoned paging and scheduled announcements, both commonly seen in use at public schools. 

What’s interesting, is how these paging systems, intercoms and mass notification devices have been used in different ways due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, the SIP h.264 Video Intercom has been set up in peer-to-peer mode in medical exam or intake rooms, with video displayed on the staff’s PC for contactless, patient-safe video intake in medical facilities.

CyberData has also observed other new use-case scenarios for its products at gas stations, fast food restaurants, fire stations and assisted living facilities. To listen to more of these use-cases, make sure to listen to the webinar replay above.

Congratulations to the webinar prize winners!

All webinar attendees were eligible to win one of CyberData’s three big prizes. After the webinar, we randomly drew three names. Congratulations to…

  1. Bill Smith from Ingenious technology, LLC
  2. Dale Morgan from Business VoIP, Inc.
  3. Steven Stemkowski from Cloud Service Networks

Our team had a great time meeting up with you virtually yesterday! Make sure to register for our next weekly webinar with Jenne, where we’re doing a deep dive into new Yealink products.