Webinar Rewind: WFH and WFO: Where They Converge & How to Best Prepare for Both

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As the world starts to open back up, people are trying their best to get back to normal. But what is considered normal anymore? Is working from home the new normal? Or will everyone eventually go back to the office? 

It doesn’t matter what is now considered “normal” because all businesses have the same goal: to serve all possible customer needs. To help businesses better understand how to meet their goals, we invited the Grandstream Team to join us for a webinar to explain how to do just that by effectively pairing Grandstream’s large portfolio of endpoints with Skyswitch’s service offerings in remote, in-office, or both environments.

Grandstream’s Director of Marketing, Phil Bowers, and Director of Support for North America and Asia Pacific, Hieu Huynh, talked with SkySwitch’s Andy Abramson about the endpoints and devices that businesses are deploying to work remotely, the solutions they are adding to their offices, and the devices that support the flexibility to be used in both environments.

If you weren’t able to attend the live session, make sure to watch the Webinar Rewind download the slide deck and read on to catch up on the highlights from the webinar.


Working From The Office

Everything we used to know about working from the office (WFO) will be completely different. There will be new spacing and sanitation requirements, daily temperature checks, limited facility access, and increased demand for endpoint mobility. With Grandstream’s integrated office solution transitioning back to the office can go off without a hitch. Grandstream’s extensive portfolio of WFO offerings is exactly what every business needs to make a successful step forward.

Grandstream’s WFO portfolio includes: 

WFO Voice & Video

  • Desktop GRP Series
  • Desktop Video GXV Series
  • Cordless (Wi-Fi) WP Series

WFO Facility Access, Management & Security

  • Facility Access GDS Series 
  • Surveillance Cameras GSC Series
  • Intercom & PA GSC Series
  • Facility Management GSC Series.

WFO Meetings & Conference

  • USB Headsets GUV Series
  • USB Webcams GUV Series

Working From Home

Throughout 2020, working from home (WFH) has become more and more familiar with so many businesses forced to transition to a remote environment. While working from home, workers have found that it’s vital to have a reliable Wi-Fi connection, cordless phones, headsets and team collaboration tools with video capabilities. Many people didn’t have access to these tools at home, so business owners had to invest in devices that could work both at home and in the office. 

Luckily, Grandstream’s line of endpoints works in both home and office environments. This includes providing network security, remote cloud management & monitoring, personal collaboration devices, desktop video access and Wi-Fi endpoints. 

Congratulations To This Week’s Winners…

Thank you to everyone who attended this webinar and participated in the live Q&A! We randomly chose three attendees to win one of three prizes courtesy of Grandstream! These prizes include a Grandstream WP810 Cordless WiFi IP Phone, Grandstream GRP2614 Desktop Phone and a Grandstream GDS3710 Surveillance Device.

Congratulations to…

  • Randy Sorensen of Caliber Network Solutions LLC
  • Gregory Robel of Vistanet
  • Vadim Polonski of Voiswitch Inc.