What Is White-Label VoIP?


White-label products and services are made by one company, then sold to multiple retailers for branding and reselling. In the telecom industry, it’s an arrangement that allows IT consultants, managed service providers, and other like-minded business professionals to offer cloud-sourced communications services to their customers without having to invest in the high cost of building a VoIP platform from the ground up. 

Product developers offering white-label VoIP services gain additional sales opportunities. Resellers benefit from the many advantages of branding and marketing high-quality, reasonably priced VoIP services as their own.

With so many companies taking various aspects of digital communication to the cloud, reselling white-label VoIP is a sound investment. Market analysts forecasting through 2029 anticipate a compound annual growth rate of nearly 15%. What’s driving those numbers? The frustration (and high cost) of trying to keep an increasingly mobile, hybrid workforce connected with outdated technology. 

If you’re intrigued by what you’ve learned, it’s time to consider your options. With the right white-label service provider, it’s easy to offer the most in-demand cloud-sourced telecom services, establish your reputation as a knowledgeable industry expert, and maximize the overall profitability of your brand.

How Does White-Label VoIP Work?

Instead of transmitting incoming and outgoing business calls over legacy phone lines, VoIP telecommunications technology converts analog voice signals to real-time digital data packets. That data is transmitted over your customer’s internet protocol (IP) network. With business communication routed through an IP address, there’s no need to install a complex infrastructure because the entire system is stored and managed from the cloud.

Storing telecom information on the cloud makes it easy for VoIP-enabled businesses to keep their workforce connected through a user-friendly dashboard that can be accessed from nearly any digital device and location. 

Although VoIP relies on different technology than legacy business phones, there’s no loss of connectivity because VoIP calls made to legacy phones are converted back to analog signals as needed. The white-label aspect gives you the advantage of leveraging your brand reputation with full ownership of the customer relationship.

How Reselling White-Label VoIP Could Benefit Your Customers

If your customers still rely on in-house legacy phone systems, they are probably paying a lot of money for phone lines they don’t use and features they rarely need. They’ll also have to absorb the cost of maintenance, repairs, and adding additional phone lines as their business expands. 

On top of that, most business owners also pay for additional services from multiple providers to ensure digital connectivity: charges for video collaboration, voice-enabled teams, file sharing, or business SMS. Over time, most business managers realize that their “workaround” solutions aren’t efficient or cost-effective.

Offering white-label VoIP helps your customers save considerable money while maximizing workforce efficiency. Instead of relying on multiple services to provide the essential tools they need to keep their people connected, you’re providing a way to consolidate multiple modes of digital communication into a single, user-friendly platform. 

Your customers pay only for the features they need and can scale their service as those needs evolve. In addition to helping your customers reduce overhead costs, you’re also offering the tools they need to help maximize overall productivity and workplace efficiency.

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Choosing the Best White-Label VoIP Platform for Your Business

With many business professionals looking for reliable, cost-effective workplace communications solutions, VoIP is in high demand. While you’re sure to find numerous companies offering white-label services, choosing wisely is important. Product features, call quality, and overall reliability vary considerably from one provider to the next. If you’re not careful, you could get more headaches than you bargained for. After all, your brand reputation is on the line.

That’s why it’s essential to partner with a knowledgeable, experienced company capable of providing everything you need to serve the clients supporting your business. As you’re comparing your options, you’ll want to consider how the following factors could impact your bottom line and brand image.

Start-Up Fees & Long-Term Commitments  

Some VoIP white-label service providers charge their reseller partners hefty fees to offset the cost of consultations, onboarding, and training. Others don’t charge a fee for those services, but they do make up for any lost revenue by increasing their monthly rates or locking resellers into a long-term commitment. 

If you sign a contract with a provider that doesn’t offer the level of quality you want to be associated with your brand, you could end up paying a hefty penalty to get out of your agreement. If you can’t get out of an agreement with a provider offering substandard service, your customers may choose to take their business elsewhere. Instead, stick with service providers with minimal start-up fees, month-to-month terms, and rates that ensure you can offer your customers competitive prices.

Range of Services & Add-Ons

VoIP services are just a small part of the telecom equation. Before partnering with any white-label VoIP platform, it’s important to consider the range of digital services they offer. The best companies offer scalable services that allow their reseller partners to choose from various options and add-ons. 

The more products, services, and features offered, the more opportunities resellers have to meet and exceed consumer expectations. Your white-label provider should be well-equipped to customize a reseller program to your specifications, give you the freedom to set your prices, and offer a level of support that compliments your business model. 

Reseller Training & Product Support

 Access to top-tier technology alone is no guarantee of long-term reseller success, especially if you need more training to explain the value of individual features to those most likely to benefit. That’s why it’s in the best interest of any white-label provider to train and support their resellers in a way that ensures proficiency. Although most white-label VoIP providers claim to offer reseller support, many need to meet partner expectations.

The best white-label platform providers offer platform training, billing service training, informative videos, and more. Your customers are more likely to rave about your exemplary service, post positive reviews, and recommend your VoIP services to family, friends, and business associates when you benefit from 24/7 reseller support and a knowledgeable, accessible team in your corner.  

Invoicing & Automated Billing

With some white-label VoIP providers, you’re on your own when it comes to routine tasks like managing your invoices, billing your customers, and processing payments. You could also end up having to devote hours each week to creating user accounts or spend more than you bargained for hiring a tax consultant to ensure state and federal compliance. 

As you’re comparing your options, look for providers that simplify the business end of your arrangement. When your white-label platform offers features like automated service quotes, QuickBooks integration, a taxation engine, and automated billing, you’ll have more time to devote to lead management, customer satisfaction, and other pursuits that promote business growth.  

Data Encryption & System Security

When switching from a legacy phone system to a cloud-based service, your customers will want (and need) assurances that their documents are protected, their calls private, and their sensitive information is secure. 

As you’re comparing white-label VoIP platforms, you’ll eventually realize that white-label providers offer various levels of protection achieved in different ways. Since the provider you choose for VoIP services can have a significant impact on overall system security, it’s important to choose wisely. 

Most providers offer basic security features like data encryption. The best providers take that level of security to an entirely different level with advanced automated systems designed to help detect and deter unauthorized access and fraudulent activity.

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Could Your Customers Benefit from White-Label VoIP Service?

When you resell white-label VoIP, you’re offering a business communication solution your customers can rely on, a streamlined platform to manage voice calls, file sharing, SMS text messaging, and more. With the right provider, you get all the revenue-boosting advantages of exceptional voice quality, secure service, and reliability. 

Your service provider takes care of the telecom aspect; you own the customer relationship. While taking on the role of a white-label VoIP reseller can benefit your brand and your customers, it’s important to choose wisely when selecting the partner providing your white-label platform.

 SkySwitch is a respected industry leader and proud provider of next-generation cloud-sourced services. Becoming a SkySwitch white-label reseller is easy and profitable. We help you help your customers by offering the comprehensive white-label features they need to save time and money while giving you the support you need to establish your brand as a “one-stop shop” for premier-quality telecom services. You can deploy and learn our system in as little as 30 days. Contact us today to get started.