Which SD-WAN Solution do Your Customers Need?


SD-WAN solutions are becoming a must-have for businesses all across the country.  

With BCM One on your side, you’ll have a variety of different WAN solutions. As the needs of your customers grow and change, you’ll always have the perfect option ready, with the support that your customers expect. 

The team breaks down what different WAN solutions look like, and where they perform best. 

Video Transcript:

Andy Abramson:

Why don’t we go to Andrew D and let him talk a little bit about the BCM One enterprise-grade SD-WAN solution? And then I want to have Corey talk a little bit about what we’ve got up our sleeve. So Andrew, why don’t you start off? 

Andrew D’Elia: 

We do have a couple of flavors of SD. We do have our enterprise-grade, which is Versa. With Versa, we’re doing something a little special; tying that into our pops and we created gateways so clients can connect to us over the Versa SD-WAN and connect to our services that we offer. 

That is a unique one that we’re rolling out. 

Then we also have Cisco Meraki as an option for more of our mid-tier clients, that are looking for ease of use, a little security, and so on. 

We have those options available to us. To Andy’s point earlier, we go through a whole design phase with a client, right? We understand their business requirements, understand what their technical needs are, and then we bring solutions to the table. So we’re not just a one-trick pony. We will bring outside vendors if we have to, to solve problems. That’s mainly what we want to do for our enterprise clients and that is: solve problems. We generally fall back on our design skills and the building of technology solutions. 

Andy Abramson:

Corey, we heard from Andrew about what is a more big enterprise or large business SD-WAN solution. That’s good for some SkySwitch reseller clients, but for the bread and butter of our resellers, we’ll have those small businesses. And as SD-WAN becomes more important with people working from home and working in remote locations and with internet infrastructure constantly changing. What do we have up our sleeve? 

Corey Stoker:

I can talk about Infiot. It’s a fairly new product. We’ve been working with it for about a year, but it’s fairly new to market. And BCM One is actually a little bit familiar with them, but it serves an SMB rather than the enterprise (sized business). We have servers in each one of our pops. We have a webinar coming up in the next couple of weeks here, but it’s going to be available to you this week or next week through the SkySwitch store, a lot of information is going to be hitting the pipeline and you should see more coming soon. 

Andy Abramson:

Well, you’re right. We do have a webinar coming up in a few weeks. You’ll be hearing all about that and what we’re doing at Infiot. Pay attention to the weekenders and your emails, because having talked with the Infiot people last week about their solution, it’s quite different from a lot of the solutions that are being aimed at small/medium businesses. And I think in a few week’s time when we have their team on, it’s going to be some eye opening stuff for them. 

Having so many solutions available to you lets you be ultra-specific in what you’re offering your customers. Plus, as your customers grow and change, you can be there before a problem happens, because of your vast array of solutions at the ready. 

See what else BCM One has up their sleeve by checking out the whole webinar right here.