White-Label Communications: Why It’s Ideal for Reselling UCaaS 

The best way to keep your business relevant (and profitable) is to offer high-quality, in-demand products and services that support the current and future needs of your clients. For IT consulting firms, managed service providers (MSPs), and other telecom-adjacent business owners, reselling cloud-hosted telecom solutions is a golden opportunity. Resellers gain the chance to help clients overcome the challenges of supporting their workforce with disparate communication technologies, under their own brand, while earning up to 70% margins.

Of the many service types available, reselling UCaaS is highly advantageous. The demand for unified communication as a service (UCaaS) is so strong that experts predict that nearly 75% of U.S. companies will be platform subscribers by 2030. Once you know why UCaaS is so popular with resellers and their clients, consider branding and reselling a white-label UCaaS platform for your business.

Why Business Owners Prefer Reselling UCaaS Over Other Telecom Solutions

White-label products and services are made by one company and then sold to multiple vendors for branding and reselling. If you’ve spent time investigating voice reseller opportunities, you’ve likely found numerous companies offering white-label telecom partnerships. 

You’ve probably also realized that many of those reseller agreements provide access to a limited number of cloud-hosted features with no in-house voice development team that is continuously building out the voice reseller platform to add-on features accommodating market and customer trends.

 While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that type of arrangement, resellers with limited access to in-demand communication and collaboration solutions risk losing clients to the competition as their businesses expand and their companies outgrow those basic services. 

By reselling UCaaS, you gain access to everything needed to establish your brand as a one-stop shop capable of accommodating your clients’ current and future business needs with a customizable stack of cloud-hosted voice solutions. Provided you choose the right partner, reseller agreements provide multiple advantages, including the following examples.

Minimal Startup Costs and Maximum Flexibility

Building a secure, compliant, reliable UCaaS platform is no simple task. Although many UCaaS resellers have a background in telecom tech, most have little to no interest in continuously building out a next-gen voice platform based on market trends and customer requirements and also in taking on the responsibility of monitoring, managing, or maintaining a complex voice phone system.

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Resellers partnering with established, reputable UCaaS providers have the advantage of leveraging a turnkey product with minimal startup costs and maximum flexibility. This translates to the freedom to customize service stacks and set your own prices. That’s a business essential when it comes to reselling UCaaS. Partnering with a vendor who requires resellers to charge set prices for a limited number of service bundles can make it difficult, if not impossible, to maintain business relevance in a competitive market.  

Time-Saving Automation and Support Services

Adding white-label UCaaS to a business portfolio doesn’t have to significantly increase reseller workloads. Experienced platform providers who understand what their reseller partners need for business growth and long-term financial success simplify the administrative end of their services with automated service quotes and client invoicing, billing integrations with leading billing providers and user-friendly taxation engines.

The finer points of reselling UCaaS aren’t something that can be learned in hours or days. Top-tier service providers also provide a comprehensive onboarding program to help you launch your voice practice (technical, sales, marketing and back-office education), one-on-one platform training, and dedicated support staff on standby to provide guidance and support as needed.

Network Security and Performance Reliability

Resellers expect assurances that their UCaaS subscribers’ calls are private and their sensitive business information is secure. After all, they’re leveraging their brand. With the right platform partner, they gain that security and more. 

Their business reputations are protected with advanced automated systems that detect and deter unauthorized access and fraudulent activity, disaster recovery capabilities, and robust backup power systems. If one server on their geo-redundant network is incapacitated or malfunctions, connection failures are detected in milliseconds, and data packets are promptly redirected. That’s how the most reliable platforms maintain a continuous uptime of at least 99%.

Why UCaaS Is Gaining in Popularity Among Reseller Clients

Many of your clients are likely saddled with the increasingly high cost of keeping their analog in-house phone systems relevant in an increasingly digital landscape. Not only are they required to absorb the cost of maintenance and repairs on an outdated service, but most are forced to pay monthly subscription fees for the communication and collaboration services needed to support remote and hybrid workers. Even for companies with a team of IT professionals on staff, outdated technology, loose connections, and aging wires can cause poor call quality and service disruptions.

As a UCaaS reseller, you’re offering solutions that help resolve multiple business communication pain points with a service that gives your clients more control over their communication costs because UCaaS is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Resellers help their clients determine which communication and collaboration solutions are best aligned with their current business needs and customer preferences.

Once their services are migrated to the cloud, your subscribers can increase or decrease the number of active users on their account as needed. In addition, they can access (or remove) services at will and make the best use of the benefits of the following features without having to purchase a lot of expensive hardware.

Cloud-Hosted Enterprise Voice

By reselling UCaaS platforms, your clients’ incoming and outbound calls are converted to digital packets and transmitted over the internet. The majority of your subscribers can continue using their current desktop phones, provided their system is SIP enabled (most are). If not, their systems are easily converted with an inexpensive analog telephone adaptor (ATA).

In addition to providing a cost-effective voice service with exceptional call quality, your customers gain access to personalized greetings, auto attendants, voice mail, text-to-speech, call recording, and data-rich call analytics. 

Efficient Audio and Video Collaboration

Most business owners consider video conferencing the next best option for groups who can’t meet in person. Of the many companies investing in video platforms for workplace collaboration, 76% use the technology to support remote work.

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However, not all the time spent in virtual conference rooms is productive due to software issues and system incompatibilities. With voice, video, and data integrated into a single platform, your clients’ workforces won’t have to waste time logging into multiple applications to share information.

AI-Enhanced Business SMS Capabilities

Short message service (SMS) is the oldest and most widely used of the many texting technologies based on a standardized protocol. Many business owners pay to send alerts, special promotions, and appointment reminders between digital devices. 

By reselling UCaaS, your clients and their teams gain the advantages of “teachable” AI-enhanced SMS. This technology is capable of interactive “conversational” responses and initiating appropriate actions, providing a phone number for example, in real-time.

Application Integration and Customizations

Most resellers partnering with white-label UCaaS platform providers have the ability to integrate multiple applications into their clients’ dashboards. That alone can be a game-changer because your clients won’t have to give up familiar customer relationship management (CRM) tools, data analytics software, and efficiency-optimizing workflow solutions. 

Microsoft-approved UCaaS providers can even augment, enhance, and customize the voice capabilities of Microsoft Teams. However, your ability to leverage application integration requires partnering with a provider operating with standard-based APIs.

Optional Call Center Services  

Traditional (analog) call centers tend to charge premium prices for a limited number of services and solutions. Virtual call center services offered by UCaaS providers are a cost-effective alternative many business owners value. It’s a feature that gives your clients the advantage of having receptionists and customer service specialists without the expense of creating space or hiring additional staff. Call center reps can handle everything from transferring calls or booking appointments to lead generation, customer care, and taking after-hours calls.  

Accessibility from Nearly Any Internet-Capable Device

With legacy phone service, employees need to be working on premises to make and receive business calls. Since UCaaS requires no physical infrastructure, subscribers logged into their UCaaS platforms can make or receive calls from just about anywhere.

When mobile or remote workers are logged into a UCaaS platform from an app on their smartphone, laptop, or tablet, all outbound calls appear to originate from a central location, a definite plus for conveying a uniformly professional image. Although some workers don’t object to using their personal phones for professional calls, many customers don’t pick up calls from phone numbers they don’t recognize.

Discover How the Advantages of Reselling UCaaS Can Benefit Your Business

Unified communication has been around for years but was once only accessible to corporations with the resources to invest in costly technology. Today, cloud-sourced “as a service” opportunities are leveling the playing field. 

With today’s work-from-anywhere environment, UCaaS has become increasingly popular with business owners and resellers—so popular that the UCaaS market is on track to reach more than $150 billion by 2030. Although that projected value suggests that reselling UCaaS is a reasonably sound business decision, not all reseller partnerships are the same.

At SkySwitch, we make it easy for resellers to build a consistent revenue stream. As a respected industry leader, we also understand what our reseller partners need to establish their business as a one-stop shop for premier-quality business communication solutions. Plus, we bring a lot more than technology to the table. You’re sure to appreciate our UCaaS platform training, branded tier-one support, and automated billing and invoicing services. Get started today to become a SkySwitch reseller. Our reseller startup costs are low, and you can learn and deploy our system in as little as 30 days.