BCM One and SkySwitch Reseller Q & A


SkySwitch resellers have always been helping other resellers succeed. With BCM One adding a lot of new services and opportunities to your repertoire, it’s even more important that we keep helping one another. 

In this Q and A, we take a look at some of the pressing questions our resellers had. 

Video Transcript:

Andy Abramson:

Do the SD-WAN products support single circuits? 

Andrew D’Elia:

For both Meraki and also the Versa solutions, yes. SD-WAN works best when there are two diverse circuits into the boxes for load balancing and to route around outages. Typically, we’ll do one physical circuit like a cable circuit or fiber circuit plus a 3g or 4g wireless as a backup. 

Corey Stoker:

Infiot also works as a single circuit. Another question we have is, ‘is this a client-side router’?

Yes, it’s essentially a managed firewall router.

Andy Abramson:

That’s a good answer. Lance Walsh wants to know, can BCM One sell wholesale to a SkySwitch partner?

Andy Steinke:

Yeah. Great question. At this current time, no, that’s not available. This is a direct bill to an end-user with the omissions program for the reseller currently. 

Andy Abramson:

And then guy Fawkes wants everybody to know that they can buy the Microsoft Action Pack and it comes with all the software, including Office 365. Thank you, guy. Love how our resellers help each other out. 

Mark Harler asks, we’re working with a master agent to sell services. Will BCM One replace the master agent? 

Andy Steinke:

No, we will not replace the master agent. We obviously have a program where you could sign a BCM One contract to sell our services as a direct partner. But we also have contracts with, I think at this point, almost 10 national master agents. If you have a preferred one, I would encourage you to let me know who that is and we probably have a contract if that’s what you want. We’re not a master agent, we’re a single-source technology provider. So we are a service provider. So we’re on the line card for many master agents as a service provider. 

Andy Abramson:

And then Phillips CS asked the question about the Infiot product, wanting to know, is it similar to what simple WAN offers, including the firewall features? Corey, take it away.

Corey Stoker:

Yeah, it is. It’s not apples to apples though. So it offers everything that a simple WAN offers plus a little bit more and obviously some things are done differently. 

As long as resellers keep helping resellers, we all win. This is even more important as BCM One has added several new opportunities. With the help of other resellers, you’ll be able to quickly learn everything you need to know to be the most successful reseller you can be. 

If you missed any of the webinar, or just want to check it out again, you can find it right here.