How the Right UCaaS Phone System Provider Can Impact Your Clients

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As the workplace evolves and technology advances, business owners and IT decision-makers have needed to invest in multiple communication channels to keep up. Many are still paying for analog phone service while absorbing the cost of multiple software solutions and cloud-hosted services. They’re also trying to run a business with a disparate mix of analog and digital technologies. 

As lackluster, outdated communication tools lead to greater workplace efficiency stagnation and as frustration grows, companies are turning to UCaaS phone system providers for cost-effective communication and collaboration solutions.

UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) phone system resellers help their customers save time and money by consolidating the features they need for seamless service into a cloud-hosted interface accessible from nearly any internet-capable device. As a UCaaS reseller, the right UCaaS phone system provider allows you to help your customers transition from their old, cumbersome communication technologies to a modern, consolidated white-label phone system solution branded as your own.

How Your Customers Will Benefit When You Choose a Reputable UCaaS Phone System Provider

As the need for omnichannel communication services increases, many business owners and IT decision-makers recognize the need to update their solutions. Instead of investing time and money into outdated legacy technology, they’re letting go of long-held beliefs that their business “needs” wired phone service to ensure the reliability of incoming and outgoing calls. 

For business owners looking for cloud-hosted solutions capable of supporting their current and future business needs, UCaaS phone systems have a lot to offer. When you add UCaaS phone systems to the list of products or services your business provides, your customers benefit from keeping more of the services they require under one roof, thanks to you—a local provider they trust. 

Your business benefits from offering one of the most in-demand communication solutions in the telecom industry. Your phone system essentially sells itself because your clients don’t have to invest in expensive hardware upgrades. Most can continue using their legacy phones, and simply use their existing internet connection to activate and utilize the UCaaS system.

Businesses with older systems that aren’t equipped for analog-to-digital-signal-conversion can still take advantage of your services by purchasing inexpensive analog telephone adaptors. But it’s not required, as your cloud-hosted phone system doesn’t need a physical infrastructure. All your customers need to get the following benefits from your communication solution is an internet connection, a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and a downloadable softphone.  

Secure and Reliable Communication

For business owners navigating multiple technologies to achieve omnichannel connectivity, data breaches, malware threats, and security risks are a constant concern. Unreliable systems and frequent downtime can be catastrophic. As a UCaaS phone system reseller with the right partner, your customers will have peace of mind that their calls are private, their sensitive files are protected, and their servers are secured on a geo-redundant network spread over multiple locations.

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Your UCaaS phone system customers will also rest assured that they’ve invested in a communication solution equipped to detect connection failures within milliseconds and take real-time action to ensure uninterrupted service. If their internet goes down, your customers’ incoming business calls can be rerouted to an alternate number.  

Reduction of Communication Costs

The primary rate interface (PRI) circuits supporting legacy phones can handle 23 calls and a single data channel simultaneously. As a business grows, companies that need more connectivity are forced to absorb the cost of installing and activating additional primary rate interface (PRI) circuits. They’re also responsible for the cost of maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing their private branch exchange (PBX). Far too often, their phone bills show charges for active lines that are rarely used and fees for features they seldom need.

As a UCaaS phone system reseller, your customers can add as many “lines” as they need to support their business. They’ll also pay less for communication overall because they only pay for the features they need as they need them, while also minimizing (or eliminating) the need for a team of staff technicians to keep their system working.

Optimal Flexibility and Team Mobility

Today’s business owners and their management teams are reaping the many rewards of having a location-agnostic workforce capable of engaging from anywhere in the world, 24/7. As a UCaaS phone system reseller with the right partner, you’re offering a solution with unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and a selection of services developed to enhance productivity because you’re not offering a one-size-fits-all solution.

The business owners and IT decision-makers subscribing to UCaaS can build a customized stack of services best suited to their internal communication needs and customer preferences across multiple locations. Your business communication solution system also eliminates the need to have phone lines connected to a central hub. Plus, workflow is more efficient because valuable time isn’t lost switching between multiple communication applications.

Your business benefits by adding a service to your product catalog that provides a recurring revenue stream, and your customers will benefit by slashing their monthly communication spend by only investing in the services most relevant to their business needs.

Cost-Effective Support and Customer Care Solutions

As a business professional, you understand the value of exceptional customer service, and so do your clients. With UCaaS, your cloud-hosted phone service gives your subscribers the advantage of having in-house receptionists and customer service representatives without hiring and training additional staff.

Your client’s virtual assistants can be tasked with everything from forwarding calls and scheduling appointments to providing personalized customer care, like chatbots or automated voice messages. They’ll also have access to real-time call analytics on a centralized dashboard, meaning your subscribers using multi-channel support services will know at a glance which features their customers and business contacts rely on most often and view most favorably.

Why Phone Service Resellers Choose UCaaS Systems Over VoIP Service

With voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) technology, analog voice signals are converted to digital packets and transmitted over broadband internet. The signal is decoded once it reaches its destination. It’s a cloud-hosted solution that supports multiple enterprise communication features, including call recording, auto attendants, conference bridging, extension dialing, and voicemail forwarding. Although business owners can count on cost-effective, reliable voice service, many eventually upgrade to UCaaS as their business grows.

VoIP is just one of many business communication solutions offered by UCaaS phone system providers. UCaaS combines three types of technology: traditional telephones, VoIP-enabled phones, and mobile devices. In addition to cloud-hosted voice service, the customers subscribing to your UCaaS phone system also have access to video collaboration software, “teachable” AI-enhanced SMS technology, customer relations management (CRM) tools, data analytics software, efficiency-optimizing workflow solutions, and more.

How Partnering with the Right UCaaS Phone Service Provider Can Benefit Your Business

White-label products and services are built by one company and then offered to multiple vendors to brand and resell as their own. It’s a business opportunity that gives IT consultants, managed service providers, system integrators, and similar providers the ability to offer an in-demand service without investing in building, implementing, or managing a platform from the ground up.

As a white-label UCaaS reseller, you own the customer experience. Your phone service partner takes care of the technical side of the arrangement. Whether you’re adding UCaaS to a list of services offered by a company you’ve owned for years or building your brand on a reseller agreement, getting your UCaaS phone system up and running and ready to sell is easier than you might expect. But you need to be selective when you’re choosing that platform provider.

Although many telecom providers offer brandable services, not all are prepared to provide the training and support their resellers need for long-term success. Partnering with a provider that falls short of your expectations could tarnish your brand reputation, as they might not provide the training and long-term support you need to flourish and offer your clients the best experience. Before agreeing to the terms and conditions of any reseller arrangement, consider how platform providers compare in the following areas to ensure the best fit for your brand.

Reseller Flexibility

In a UCaaS reseller relationship, you retain a reasonable amount of control over the business side of your UCaaS phone service, including the prices charged to your clients. You should also have access to any brandable marketing materials you need to launch your service and user-friendly templates you can manage directly from your portal, helping you easily market your new services to your clients.

With the right provider in your corner, you’ll also have 24/7 access to sales and marketing tips, platform operation support, and a comprehensive knowledge base. Partnering with a UCaaS phone service provider that requires you to charge set prices for a limited number of service bundles can make keeping your business relevant in a competitive market challenging.

A Comprehensive Onboarding Program

You don’t need much telecom experience to resell a UCaaS phone system service, but it’s also not something you can expect to learn in hours, days, or even a few weeks. You’ll want to steer clear of any platform provider with sales representatives who don’t take the time to answer your questions, provide demonstrations, or help you decide if a reseller arrangement is the best fit for your business. The best partnerships begin with complete transparency.

In the initial phase of your training, you should expect access to instructional videos, quizzes, and hands-on activities to learn how to brand your service, the best practices to utilize and expound upon the business and marketing templates they offer you and learn the finer points of providing customer support. 

Ideally, the second phase of your training should be one-on-one, working with the same dedicated service rep. Your rep will get to know you, your business, and your clients’ needs, helping you reach and assist your customers while you continue to learn the new platform.

If a provider doesn’t offer personalized support from a specialist who will get to know you and your business, keep looking.

Continuous Reseller Support

Although the goal of every great onboarding program is to share knowledge, build confidence, and ensure every reseller partner is fully trained, even the most experienced UCaaS resellers sometimes need support. 

While nearly every telecom company offering reseller arrangements claims to provide exceptional support, the number of reseller partners who take that commitment seriously is much smaller. A phone system problem can devastate your clients’ business, so you’ll want to ensure you get help on-demand to best serve your customers when a dicey situation arises.

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Phone system providers who understand what resellers need for continued success and business growth pair new reseller partners with a dedicated team to provide guidance, support, and additional coaching as needed. 

Before committing to a reseller agreement, consider asking your sales rep what to expect during your first days running live. Their answer will give you valuable insights into the company’s commitment to reseller success. The best reseller partners provide 24/7 support by phone or live chat, ensuring you’re always ready to handle prospective clients’ questions and issues.

System Security Features

The best UCaaS phone service partners go to great lengths to provide system security. Since standard data storage security may not be enough for a considerable number of businesses who could benefit from your white-label service, look for (or ask about) protection protocols like multi-factor authentication (MFA) protected data security, transport layer security (TLS), and secure real-time transport.

When you’re working with clients with a global reach, they may also need SD-WAN technology to access on-demand global network usage reports, easily monitor their networks remotely, and simplify WAN. You’ll also want to consider the platform’s use of the latest encryption technology, threat assessment tools, and industry-specific security compliance, including HIPPA and PCI (payment card industry) DSS (data security standard).

Customers who require these enhanced security features will value your service over competitors who don’t offer greater protections that match their modern privacy and data collection needs.

Could Your Business Benefit from a Partnership with a UCaaS Phone System Provider?

With so many business owners struggling to keep their workforce connected, UCaaS phone service providers are in high demand. Market analysts expect this sector of business communication technology to maintain a CAGR of more than 14%, achieving $85.7 billion market revenue, through 2031.

Partnering with a phone system service provider offering turnkey white-label UCaaS is a cost-effective way to establish your brand as a one-stop shop for the customizable stack of communication solutions your customers need today and in the future. 

The best UCaaS phone system partners keep their start-up fees minimal and provide the training and support resellers need for long-term success. This ensures resellers can offer the most-comprehensive UCaaS solution to their customers at the best value.At SkySwitch, we make it easy to expand your business and better serve your customers. We have a rich telecom history, provide exceptional UCaaS platform training, and manage a system you can learn and deploy to your valued clients in as little as 30 days. Get started with SkySwitch today.