Why Today’s Business Communication Resellers Need the Best Contact Center Solutions


The ongoing financial success of any business requires meeting and exceeding consumer expectations. While there was a time most merchants and service providers felt reasonably confident outsourcing various aspects of customer care to a call center or answering service, today’s customers expect personalized service with rapid, responsive communication across multiple channels.

Companies that fail to respond to their customers’ collective embrace of digital resources risk missing out on a considerable number of opportunities to attract business, nurture leads, and build lasting, long-term relationships. That’s where service providers offering the best contact center solutions fit into the business communication equation.

In 2022, the global CCaaS market was valued at $4.87 billion. As the number of business owners actively searching for multi-channel business communication solutions continues to rise, market analysts predict that value will increase to more than $15 billion by 2029. That’s an anticipated CAGR of 17.9%. What could that mean for your business?

With the right white-label reseller partner, you’ll have everything you need to establish your brand as a trusted provider of the most cost-effective, in-demand business communication services available.  

How Do the Best Contact Center Solutions Compare to Call Center Services?  

Call centers typically handle incoming and outgoing voice communication on behalf of the companies they represent. They’re categorized according to the services they provide and their locations. Some are almost entirely automated; others employ live agents trained to answer frequently asked questions, schedule appointments, transfer incoming calls, follow leads, and handle customer service issues as they arise.  

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Although you’re sure to find many reseller opportunities offering the option of branding call center services as your own, many of your prospective clients will be far better served by cloud-sourced business communications solutions that include contact center support. As you’re comparing onboarding costs, security features, and overall reliability, take a few minutes to consider how your prospective clients could benefit from your ability to offer the following services. 

Basic Call Center Functionality

Virtual phone answering services are a cost-effective customer care solution. With the right platform provider, your clients have all the advantages of hiring a team of on-site receptionists without having to invest in the high cost of installing a dedicated phone system or paying additional wages. The best call center representatives are highly trained, have the customer service skills essential for ensuring a favorable outcome, and are available to take calls outside of standard business hours.

Call center representatives can also be tasked with booking appointments, taking messages, forwarding calls, and providing remote workers with dial-in numbers, links, and codes to important meetings. With the right reseller platform provider, your clients pay only for the features they need, can scale those services as their business evolves, and can have their business calls rerouted to any digital device.

AI-Enhanced Business SMS

Short message service (SMS) is based on a standardized protocol that transmits text messages between digital devices. Although SMS is one of the oldest of the many texting technologies, it’s also the most widely used. Companies have been taking advantage of SMS for years to send alerts and appointment reminders, promote special offers, and increase customer engagement. Although legacy phones are incapable of supporting SMS or any other form of digital communication, recent polls suggest up to 80% of millennials prefer text messaging to making or receiving in-person calls.

As a business communication solution reseller, you’re offering cost-effective services designed to modernize your client’s phone system in a way that transmits voice, text, and data over the internet. As a reseller also providing contact center solutions, your clients can take advantage of SMS services paired with “teachable” AI technology. Customers sending text messages to your client’s contact center receive efficient, conversational communication with relevant information obtained from business directories and call logs. The system initiates the appropriate action based on real-time customer responses.

Text-to-Speech Services

Originally developed as a technology to assist the visually impaired, text-to-speech (TTS) converts written communication to audio signals. Today, this “read along” technology is also used to translate languages, a feature currently helping numerous companies reach a global audience unencumbered by language barriers. With TTS, your clients (and their call center service provider) can create a text message or email and transmit their written communication as a voice call to nearly any mobile device or landline.

While text-to-speech initially sounded rather “robotic,” today’s TTS is far more conversational. As the demand for this service grows, so do its potential uses. Cloud-sourced text-to-speech uses an application programming interface (API), technology that allows two or more disparate applications to communicate in a way that makes it easy to integrate the technology across multiple platforms to help strengthen brand identity.


Chatbots are computer programs that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to generate automated responses that simulate human conversation through text or audio input (or both). You’ll often see them used in social media messaging applications to encourage customer engagement, provide answers to frequently asked questions, generate sales leads, and improve conversion rates.

With chatbot technology integrated into contact center services, it’s also easy for your client’s customers to interact with a live agent as needed, a vital function not always possible with a stand-alone application. With the embrace of some of today’s most popular digital assistants like Siri (Apple) and Alexa (Amazon), current polls confirm that most customers reaching out for support are willing to engage with chatbots, provided they also have access to a live agent as needed.

Real-Time Call Data

Historical data reporting provides a detailed overview of each contact center attendant for a specific period of time, information that allows business owners to evaluate call volume, duration, hold times, outcome, or the number of calls abandoned. Business owners can use this information to gain valuable insight into overall consumer satisfaction and customer retention. While crucial for long-term planning, your clients have a detailed overview of things that have already happened. The best contact center solutions also offer real-time call data analytics.

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As a reseller offering real-time call data, your customers have the ability to respond proactively. After launching multi-channel support services, their real-time call analytics dashboard will reveal which multimedia channels their customers rely on most often and which services they view most positively. They’ll have a holistic view of incoming and outbound calls as they occur and will know at a glance which channels might be lagging.  

How Do White Label Reseller Arrangements Typically Work?

White-label products and services are made by one company, then sold to other businesses for branding and reselling. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. With so many companies looking for cost-effective communications solutions that support the needs of their remote and hybrid workforce, managed service providers, IT consultants, and other like-minded business professionals are recognizing the necessity of offering cloud-sourced communication services

Partnering with a white-label service provider gives you the ability to offer digital communication solutions without having to invest in the high cost of building an entire system from the ground up. You own the customer experience; your reseller partner benefits from your brand reputation and ability to reach more customers.  

Although you’ll find numerous companies offering reseller arrangements, not all reseller opportunities are the same. To ensure your customers have the services they need when they need them, including the option of contact center support, you’ll want to partner with a white-label platform provider offering unified communications as a service (UCaaS). 

With the right UCaaS white label platform provider, you’ll have everything you need to establish your brand as the one-stop solution your clients can count on for business communication and collaboration essentials, including voice communication, video collaboration, virtual fax, business SMS, features integrated into a single, user-friendly dashboard.

Offer Your Customers the Best Contact Center Solutions and More with the Right Partner

Branding and reselling white-label UCaaS is likely more profitable (and a lot easier) than you might expect. With so many business owners feeling the strain of trying to keep their hybrid workforce connected, UCaaS is in high demand. 

At SkySwitch, we understand what our reseller partners need to ensure long-term success. That’s why we offer UCaaS platform training, billing services training, real-time support, and hundreds of apps and system integrations. Our start-up fees are minimal, and you can deploy and learn our platform in as little as 30 days. To see what our fully-managed, brandable, white-label UCaaS platform could do for your brand, contact us today. We’ll help you expand your business, not your workload.