Do Your Customers Need Enterprise Voice Communications?

The best way to keep your business relevant (and profitable) is to offer high-quality products and services your customers need at a price they’re willing to pay. With so many companies feeling the strain of trying to integrate numerous forms of digital communication into their day-to-day operations, there’s been a marked increase in the number of companies actively seeking the services of reputable enterprise voice communications service providers. 

If you’ve spent any amount of time investigating market trends, you’ve likely noticed a dramatic increase in the number of IT consulting firms, managed service providers, and other like-minded business professionals adding digital communication services to their business model. The demand is there. The market growth rate currently stands at nearly 19% per year.

Whether you’ve been running your business for decades or still weighing your options, it seems there’s no better time to offer modern voice communication services. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to present yourself as an expert in this rapidly evolving industry, maybe it’s time to consider branding and reselling a white-label platform. 

With the right provider in your corner, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business offers exceptional value, unparalleled support, and the dependable service your customers have grown to expect from your brand.  

What Is Enterprise Voice Communications?

By definition, enterprise voice communications is the type of technology used to transmit speech rather than relying on text messaging, email, or video collaboration. In the past, most companies had little choice but to pay the high cost of installing a private branch exchange (PBX) system in their central office to ensure connectivity. While this technology was initially developed to make voice communication more efficient, the features aren’t all that enterprising by today’s standards.

As consumers embrace multiple forms of digital communication, many business owners are doing the same. With live chat, video conferencing, and automated messaging services dominating the workplace, far too many companies are still relying on multiple applications just to keep up. Over time, most will eventually realize their efforts are not all that efficient or cost-effective. 

Taking on the role of a unified communication as a service (UCaaS) reseller gives you the ability to offer digital enterprise voice communications services, a solution that gives your customers the flexibility to make and receive business calls from any digital device while also reducing their overhead costs.

How Could Reselling Enterprise Voice Communications Benefit My Business?

Market analysts predict unified communications as a service (UCaaS) will reach nearly $70 billion by 2028. You could attempt to build your own platform from the ground up, but that takes a lot of time and a considerable amount of capital. It could take years to reap the rewards of your investment. 

As a reseller, you offer the services of an already established enterprise voice communications provider. In a true reseller relationship, everything else is up to you. When your customers log in, they’ll see your company logo, business name, and your contact information.

Unlike providers that offer commission-based arrangements, reselling an established platform could also give you full control over your prices. That’s a huge plus in a competitive market. With the right company, you’ll also get the training and support you need to ensure long-term success, a robust, reliable, user-friendly platform, and the ability to further enhance your profitability by offering features like video collaboration, virtual fax, call center services, and more. 

By providing unified communication as a service (UCaaS), you’re helping your customers increase overall productivity while minimizing the risk of losing sales to the competition as their business needs evolve.

How Could Offering Reseller Services Benefits My Customers?

Many businesses in your community could benefit from a digital phone system, a scalable platform designed to support in-house communication as well as the needs of a remote or hybrid workforce. As a UCaaS reseller, your business is presented as the service provider, the company ultimately responsible for every aspect of consumer satisfaction. 

But most customers won’t commit to a product or service unless they feel the benefits fulfill an unmet need. Although you won’t have to invest your time into developing applications or maintaining an infrastructure, your customers will count on you to communicate the value of the services you provide. 

You could start by focusing on how barriers in workplace communication can lead to costly delays and reduced productivity. Then shift the conversation to highlight some of the many ways your customer’s business could benefit by upgrading to cloud-based voice services designed to help modernize their entire communication system.

Virtual Enterprise Voice Communication Reduces Overhead Costs

With so many businesses still relying on increasingly outdated phone systems, you likely have numerous customers paying steep fees for limited service. While you might initially get some resistance from business owners who feel they “need” a wired telephone system, it’s much easier to overcome those initial objections when you’re offering a time-tested, reliable alternative to legacy services. 

Show your customers how much they could save when they’re not paying for additional lines they don’t need, features they rarely use, and the high cost of maintenance and repairs. Then let them know that all they need to get started is a high-speed internet connection, a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) enabled phone system (or low-cost analog adaptor), and a service provider willing to help them get from where they are to where they want to be.

Virtual Enterprise Voice Communication Helps Businesses Maximize Efficiency

In addition to reducing communication costs, the services you provide as a UCaaS reseller also help your valued customers increase overall efficiency in several ways. 

For example, taking advantage of features like team chat and file sharing enables collaborative communication between employees from any location, benefits sure to pique the interest of a business owner with a hybrid workforce. 

AI-enhanced features could be a viable solution for the customer with team members falling behind on deadlines because of multiple calls regarding frequently asked questions. As a one-stop shop for communication and collaboration solutions, your customers will appreciate knowing you offer the efficiency-maximizing tools they need on a platform they can access from nearly any digital device.   

Virtual Enterprise Voice Communications Helps Enhance Brand Image

With legacy enterprise voice communications, your customers (and their employees) can’t make or receive business calls when they’re away from the office. That typically translates to a considerable number of important calls being returned from personal phone numbers. Although most workers don’t mind using their personal phones to return calls, your prospective customers may not realize how many opportunities they could be missing out on. 

A significant number of returned calls go unanswered when call recipients don’t recognize the phone number of the person placing the call. The services you provide as a UCaaS reseller gives your customers the ability to appear as if everyone representing their business is calling from a central location, a definite plus for brand image. 

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Helping Your Customers Formulate a Communication Strategy

The needs of a company that operates mostly in-house will be a lot different than the needs of a business trying to meet the demands of a hybrid workforce or remote team. With the right provider, you’ll have the tools and training you need to help ensure every customer expressing interest in your communications services will have the workplace solutions they need for optimal success. While you might initially feel you have a lot to learn, working with your customers to implement an effective communication strategy is a lot easier than you might expect.

Step One – Discuss Their Needs

Some businesses might want a complete company-wide rollout. Others might prefer starting with a limited number of services. Either way, it’s important to identify the individual needs of each of your customers so you can offer the best value for their communication dollar. 

Even customers who might initially choose your services for a limited number of employees could decide to add more lines and features as their team members acclimate to your platform.

Step Two – Identify Challenges   

It’s essential to ensure your customers have the connectivity they need to take their enterprise voice communications to the cloud. If your customer wants to continue using their legacy PBX, it’s important to ensure that system is SIP trunk-enabled and VoIP compatible. 

If there’s no ethernet port or data jack, your customer may need to purchase a low-cost analog-to-telephone adaptor (ATA) or a VoIP-enabled system. You may also want to confirm their internet service is operating as expected.

Step Three – Focus on Features

As a UCaaS reseller, you should have access to numerous applications and system integrations that could boost your revenue while providing exceptional value to your customers. While it’s essential to offer the tools that enable workforce collaboration, transparency is crucial for building trust. Your customers should know at a glance which (if any) additional features are included in your basic service and which premium options might add to their overall cost of service.

Step Four – Offer Ongoing Support

When you take on the role of an enterprise voice communications service provider, your customers will naturally rely on your expertise as various situations arise. Some might struggle with training and implementation; others might have questions as they’re integrating a specific solution into their workflow. To help ensure you’re providing the level of support you want associated with your brand, it’s important to partner with a service provider that offers exceptional reseller training and long-term support.

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See How Offering Enterprise Voice Communications Could Benefit Your Business

With so many business owners feeling the strain of trying to keep their workforce connected, UCaaS is in high demand. But not all platforms offer the same benefits to their reseller partners.At SkySwitch, we make it easy to boost your revenue as you brand and resell our white-label UCaaS platform as your own. We have a rich telecom history, offer UCaaS platform training, and provide a system you can deploy and learn in as little as 30 days. Contact us today to get started.