Finding the Perfect Business Communication Solutions for Your Customers


BCM One has brought some exciting new opportunities to the table. As a reseller, it’s imperative you know not just what these opportunities are, but for who they are best suited. 

Here’s what the team has to say about their ideal customers.

Video Transcript:

Andy Abramson :

I’ve got a series of questions that I’ve come up with as a result of what we’ve been doing with BCM One since January. And one of the questions I have, and I’ll throw this over to Andy S., what are the ideal clients and scenarios that make BCM One solutions really shine?

When you shine, it makes the customer look good. And in our case, that means the reseller is going to look good to their customer because we’re channel-only white-label and we don’t channel steal. 

Andy Steinke: 

Absolutely. Great question, Andy A.. 

I would say it comes down to multiple services, multiple products, and, obviously, multiple sites too; but it doesn’t have to be a client that has multiple sites. 

If you think about it, to operate a company, there are multiple things within the technology portfolio that a client may need. As a reseller, you may be selling one or two products on your own. These clients may need four or five others to operate in their business and our business model, and the way it’s been since 1992, has been that single point of contact for technology services. 

And we operate very, very well with partners who are doing something on their own and bringing our powerful relationships and products to their clients. We compliment that sale extremely well. And we do that by getting to know you. We do that by designing. 

Andrew, myself, and my team get on the phone with you. You tell us what you need. And our goal is to eliminate supplier fatigue for your clients. So any of those clients out there who are looking for multiple services per site for primary or secondary data, for example, to support SkySwitch Voice or multiple sites across the country, and the world, the more complex and the more flavors of services that they need in the telecommunications world, the better of a fit they’re going to be for BCM One.

With new BCM One services available to you, you’re able to shine even brighter by giving your customers more of the services and opportunities that they already need, without them having to go find another supplier to give it to them. 

By knowing exactly what each of your clients needs, you’re able to give them that perfect solution that makes them happily stay with you for years to come. 

See what else these BCM One services can do for you by checking out the full webinar right here.