SkySwitch SIP Instant Fax Now in Beta


It’s no secret that most VoIP geeks think of fax machines with disdain.   In an age when you can snap a picture on your smartphone and tweet it to anyone in the world, the idea of a fax machine  seems antiquated to many. And yet, in many industries – especially the healthcare related fields – faxes are an integral part of doing business that will not go away anytime soon.

And so, with those customers in mind, SkySwitch is pleased to introduce  fax-to-email support to all the SkySwitch DID Management solutions.   The fax mail module is available with all our software-as-a-service (SaaS) DID platforms, so that any customer of the SkySwitch ENUM, DID Provisioning, and SIP Virtual Trunking solutions  can fax enable any SIP DID from any underlying provider.  That’s right… SkySwitch will let you fax enable any SIP DID from any provider.

In addition,  as a NetSapiens  Certified Cloud Partner, the SkySwitch fax mail solution is  available to any Service Provider using the NetSapiens multi-tenant hosted PBX.   In particular, the SkySwitch fax mail solution adds value to the NetSapiens ecosystem by integrating with the NetSapiens User Portal to support a unified inbox for end users.

For customers of the SkySwitch Web Centrex hosted PBX solution, this means that you can easily purchase a SkySwitch DID that will convert inbound faxes into an email and/or place the fax image into an end-users voicemail inbox.   It’s pretty simple to use:   just enable it as an enhanced service in the DID portal and enter an email address   (other enhanced services include CNAM Delivery and E911 provisioning).  Any faxes sent to the number will be converted into a PDF formatted file, and emailed to the listed email address.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 2.53.25 AM

As shown in the image above, DIDs with fax mail enabled will display a fax icon in the DID inventory page.  All fax calls will be displayed in your wholesale DID CDRs and treated just like any other DID.

The service is currently in beta mode and available to all Web Centrex clients.  To learn more, please contact your account rep or request a callback here.