How BCM One’s History Impacts Your Future


BCM One has a unique history that has given them the tools, resources, and experience to serve a plethora of different customers, and how that gives resellers a valuable partner on their side. 

Their commitment to serving customers for decades is just one of many ingredients that makes them such an attractive option not just for you, but also for your customers. 

Video Transcript:

Andy Abramson :

What type of verticals and what size of client do you really find are ideally suited for a BCM One solution in the sense that they’re growing or maybe they’ve expanded, maybe they’re multi-site, maybe they’re multi-state, and what industries are you best suited to support? Based on the experience you had working with a multitude of clients in many different industries.

Andy Steinke: 

We (BCM One) grew up in New York, that’s no secret there. Obviously, a lot of heavy footprints in financial services and retail, healthcare, distributed workforce solutions for healthcare, also big medical facilities, and hospitals because they require the multi-service redundant networks. That’s huge for us. We’re very valuable to them when it comes down to client size. 

We do have single-site clients that obviously come to us for all of their services. I wouldn’t say necessarily down to the site count per se, but looking for a client who has a distributed workforce, who’s got a small technology team supporting a large technology footprint. Those are the clients that we’re going to support very well. And I’m sure you guys see that with your reseller or client base, too. 

Those clients who just don’t have the time to do certain things related to collaboration or next-gen communications or data and services, they’re looking for partners like you just like, they’re looking for partners like us – that trusted partner, who’s going to bring multiple solutions to the table. Obviously, that does lean towards multi-site clients. So we tend to have two, three plus sites on our average user. But we do operate in the single-site market, too. So just depends on what the client’s looking for. 

BCM One has worked closely with a variety of different customers, for decades, in all kinds of different industries. This makes them such a valuable partner to have on your side as a reseller – having a huge array of different customers with different needs requires a versatile and proven company like BCM One. 

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