How Can a White-Label UcaaS Platform Help Meet Your Customers’ Needs?

Unified Communications is a platform that integrates and simplifies business communications. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provides easy access for both large and small businesses to have the latest streamlined, integrated technology for calls, meetings, chat, and other collaboration needs without needing to build or manage its own platform. 

This platform as a service is growing rapidly in adoption as more businesses understand how critical it is to facilitate the sharing of ideas, documents, and connections between their non-collocated offices and teams. In fact, the United States is poised to take a market share of $83 billion by 2023

Many end users who have transitioned to UCaaS often wonder how they managed without this essential platform. Those who haven’t yet done so still struggle with multiple, disparate tools and technologies, along with their respective equipment, licenses, administrators, and user training. 

These late adopters also face significant challenges when the unexpected happens and they no longer have access to their office or equipment. It has made such a profound difference that even companies whose core business isn’t communications have chosen to become white-label VoIP resellers to provide value to their customers.

So, just what is so great about UCaaS, and how can it really help meet your customer’s needs? How can a white-label UCaaS platform be what you and your customers BOTH need to succeed? That’s what we’ll cover in today’s blog.

The Top Benefits Your Customers will Experience with UCaaS

As UCaaS end users can attest, the numerous benefits of transitioning to a unified platform are apparent almost instantly. The ability to quickly and easily communicate and collaborate across locations has become more attractive to businesses by not having to manage their own platforms. 

As you explain to your customers that they will no longer have to worry about how to keep remote or traveling workers connected with in-office teams or customers, you can also explain that this is just the beginning of the benefits your customers will experience with UCaaS. 

Your Customers Can Do More with Less

At the heart of expediency and efficiency is communication. Implementing UCaaS allows even a small team to do more in less time by reducing manual tasks and making communication across offices, cities, or states as easy as being in the same room. No more wasting time coordinating travel schedules, looking for conference rooms, or waiting for documents to be sent by email. Simply share in real time for instant collaboration.

UCaaS allows you to scale your customer base without adding additional employees. Interactive voice response directs your callers to the department that can give them the help they need quickly. Even without adding team members, your customers still get the service they expect and deserve. 

Your Customers Can Save Time

It may surprise you to know that employees switch between business applications approximately 1,200 times per day. That adds up to four hours per week and five weeks per year taken up by non-value-added tasks. By streamlining your applications into one integrated platform, you’ve essentially added time to their day. Cutting down on distractions and wasted effort means they are able to get their work done quickly and efficiently.

Your Customers Can Increase Productivity

In a progressively hybrid workforce of remote and in-office employees and contractors, a flexible method of working, connecting, creating, and communicating is more important than ever. For day-to-day operations where sales, consulting, or implementation teams may be in various locations, they must have a way to stay in touch with the rest of the staff. Flexible work builds strong, high-performing teams. 

In addition, productivity and communication during disaster recovery have become a priority in office communication systems. Natural disasters like wildfires, flooding, hurricanes, and tornadoes have disrupted homes and businesses in recent years. Businesses are still recovering from the impact of the global pandemic. 

UCaaS gives your customers the ability to shift and pivot instantly, keeping in touch with employees and giving them access to critical resources regardless of unexpected circumstances.

Your Customers Can Empower Teams

Hardworking teams in any size organization will find ways to make their jobs easier and less prone to mistakes and oversights, such as creating internal processes that serve to replace manual tasks. However, these departmental tools and techniques create silos that make it very difficult to track organizationally. It also stifles collaboration and puts system upgrades or transitions at risk. 

UCaaS can not only eliminate siloed information, but it can also centralize document storage and streamline task tracking. It provides a level of transparency that is easy to lose with disparate systems. Integrating your customers’ communications keeps everyone up-to-speed no matter where they are working. 

Your Customers Can Get Better Support

Nothing frustrates a customer more than the inability to get the help and support they need when they need it. The more ways you can demonstrate your commitment to serving your customers, the more likely you’ll attract new ones who are weighing their options. That means service after the sale. 

With the right partner, unified communications become the path to offering next-level customer service at any step in the sales or post-sale process. Offering streamlined call routing, chat support features, SMS capabilities, or video support gives your customers a one-stop point of contact for all their communications needs, and your white-label partner will be right there to back you up. 

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The Future of UCaaS

The horizon is bright for UCaaS. According to Eastern Management Group’s Unified Communications Market 2022-2027” report, the unified communications systems market will exceed $13 billion this year. UCaaS represents 37% of that market. While COVID may have spurred rapid growth, a recognition that businesses must have more agile operations going forward will keep adoption on a steady rise. 

UC sales are projected to remain strong through at least 2027 as businesses upgrade their systems. Personal and professional services, as well as local, state, and federal government offices, drive much of UC sales. For commercial companies, the ease of adoption, the low initial costs, and the ability to upgrade as new technology emerges will help drive UCaaS for the foreseeable future. 

So, what does this mean for those who haven’t yet decided whether to take the step to become a white-label VoIP reseller? It means that now is the perfect time to get into a growing business that shows no sign of slowing down in the near future.

How Becoming a White-Label VoIP Reseller Benefits Your Business

Whether you are looking to improve your operations or diversify your business, becoming a white-label VoIP reseller could be a win-win situation for both you and your customers. Even if VoIP isn’t your primary business, you can still offer a best-in-class UCaaS platform and customer service without retraining your workforce. White-labeling allows you to partner with an experienced industry leader while serving your customers under your own brand.

Some of the many advantages of becoming a white-label VoIP reseller include:

  1. Expanding your brand without investing in your own platform or hiring specialized teams.
  2. Giving your customers innovative solutions for improving their business operations.
  3. Presenting your brand as a niche expert. 
  4. Gaining a competitive advantage by customizing VoIP options for your customers.
  5. Customizing your own pricing to serve your customers and maximize your profits.
  6. Providing the latest technology for your customers at a competitive price.

Providing cloud services and products has never been easier. The white-labeling model gives your company the ability to expand into a new service offering without the learning curve or significant investment of building your own platform. You can immediately create value for your customers by simply rebranding an established UCaaS platform. Even better, the additional revenue you create is ongoing and offers a reliable revenue stream.

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Choose an Industry Leading UCaaS White-Label Partner

Your success as a UCaaS reseller is dependent on the quality of your provider. Choosing the right partner is critical when becoming a white-label reseller, as it is your brand that the customer sees. That means it is worth your time to explore the provider’s reputation, service offerings, and product lines. 

Partnering with the right UCaaS provider gives you the benefit of experience, expertise, and the latest tools and technology. Becoming a white-label reseller gives you the advantage of quick time to market and minimal startup investment. A top-tier provider can offer you a comprehensive onboarding process with the support of a team of industry experts.

Choose a partner with a sterling reputation and near-100% uptime. Having a full range of operational, application, and business support is also important. The top UCaaS providers will offer a large selection of application and systems integrations to serve the widest range of companies and industries.

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