Reselling UCaaS: 4 Key Benefits of a CCaaS Platform


Businesses have galvanized their efforts towards drastically consolidating communications services. They’re feeling the pinch of excessive collaboration tools overcomplicating their tech stack, telephone infrastructure changes, and increased IT budget cuts. Together, these pressures generate enormous opportunities for white-label unified communications as a service (UCaaS) resale, which resolves these pain points when companies need them most.

By positioning yourself as a UCaaS reseller, you’ll stand right in the path of one of the fastest-growing tech revenue streams of the 2020s. Businesses need consolidated communications systems that will be able to handle their bootstrapped IT budgets, and resellers who get there first will establish a lasting reputation in modern B2B tech sales.

One of the major selling points of UCaaS is its extensive features, allowing businesses to expand functionality with pick-and-choose flexibility. Ambitious unified communications resellers could incorporate Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) into their other advanced service offerings.

When your market base already consists of companies looking to streamline communications services generally, isn’t it likely they’ll also be eager to fulfill their customer messaging and support services alongside it?

First, we’ll consider the revenue boost of packaging UCaaS features into attractive service tiers, building essential services into a true communications multitool for greater business efficiency and capabilities. Then, we’ll explain how CCaaS could take your sales efforts to a new level. 

UCaaS Hitting Peak Market Demand

Becoming a UCaaS reseller positions you on the path of new revenue streams, an integral approach to staying competitive in today’s business environment. Even when pared down to its fundamentals, UCaaS offers a wide variety of benefits almost unheard of just a few short years ago, including:

  • Easy, near-instant scalability
  • Calls from any network device
  • Consolidated SMS, calls, chat, email, and more
  • Affordable enterprise-grade solutions for businesses of any size
  • Real-time call data integrated directly into CRMs, sales platforms, and other business efficiency tools
  • Central network control from a single pane of glass

The beauty of white-label resale is that you can focus on sales efforts, even with highly technical products. Your representatives continue doing what they do best while your white-label service provider handles the technology. That’s why ensuring you’ve chosen the most talented, reliable, and affordable UCaaS specialist is essential. It will make your (and your customers) lives more comfortable in the long run.

More Revenue, Fewer Technicalities

After years of being locked into service agreements that didn’t adapt to customers’ exact needs, the market base for UCaaS is eager for a change. While providers once had to cover the costs of extensive on-premise infrastructure, that’s quickly changing. Now, overhead costs are much lower, allowing IP-based communications providers to sell cheaper and more effective services.

 Like all SaaS technologies, unified communications are built for the same networking infrastructure businesses have already set up to their liking. While it’s up to UCaaS resellers to set their prices, it’s generally expected that UCaaS costs will be significantly lower than traditional PBX networks. Better yet, customers can purchase much closer to their exact use.

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Resellers also benefit from selling enterprise communications systems with newly lowered barriers to entry by the technology itself. Suppose they’ve partnered with an affordable and reputable tier-1 service provider. In that case, resellers can easily reach even the most humble SMB, who will be delighted to know they can compete with their biggest rivals on the communication front.

Above all, UCaaS resellers have an attractive product and incredibly low overhead and product-purchasing costs — meaning higher profits on every sale.

Extensive Features for Greater Selling Points

Strategic resellers can boost margins further by skillfully presenting custom options and polished service packages that give customers greater functionality than their competitors. Integrating SIP trunking features into any number of programs or web services is a natural progression, but only some businesses are looking at UCaaS for its enhanced functionality.

It will be up to the reseller to demonstrate the versatility and new possibilities of unified communications, such as:

  • Chatbots
  • Social integrations
  • Text-to-speech
  • Video calling
  • Virtual fax systems
  • Billing and payment processor integration
  • App and device integrations
  • International service
  • SD-WAN failover
  • QoS monitoring

CCaaS is another attention-grabbing feature — so much so it can sell itself as a stand-alone service for customers with an immediate need for turnkey customer support services. While organizations can deploy CCaaS and UCaaS separately, the trend is to fulfill both needs under the same umbrella services. Generally, companies opt for the most consolidated approach to communication services.

You can secure more significant sales by laying a foundation of advanced UCaaS services, which serves as a baseline demonstration customers can evaluate before entrusting the same provider with their customer-facing communications.

Differentiating Yourself From the Competition

Today, businesses are pressured to transform their communications systems and keep up with audiences’ preferred communication habits. These technological and behavioral shifts go hand in hand. Customers have experimented with multiple communications channels enough that it frustrates them when brands don’t show equivalent multichannel competency.

These brands are your potential clientele. They’re acutely aware of customer reports showing that 75% desire a consistent experience, regardless of the medium used. Faced with the need to give audiences an easier time connecting, user-friendliness for UCaaS users and their customers is a significant friction point.

Bridging the Divide With CCaaS

Just as UCaaS brings more excellent value to a reseller’s customers, CCaaS extends those benefits further to their customers. This makes the white label reseller a one-stop-shop for unified communications and collaboration solutions — and it’s no exaggeration to say that these will likely be seen as one of the most significant moves companies take to improve their customer relationships.

The motivation driving buyers towards UCaaS is twofold:

  1. they increasingly need to, for technological reasons, and;
  2. they’re trying to resolve some of the most significant pain points related to customer outreach and support.

Even the internal friction companies experience, such as interdepartmental miscommunication, primarily comes from trying to anticipate customer needs. his desire to stay one step ahead of customer demand can become frustrating without better communication foundations. Ultimately, external friction at a company manifests as internal friction and vice versa.

With a responsible and highly reputable provider of UCaaS and CCaaS, companies and customers experienced a massive relief, as the biggest obstacle to consistently effective communication is alleviated.

CCaaS — Making Resellers’ Customers Look Good

A white-label CCaaS platform positions UCaaS resellers as more than a sales company; they become problem solvers. Without needing to manage the contact center, CCaaS resellers can focus on establishing new relationships with their white-label brand, knowing that their current customers’ needs are fully addressed. Behind the scenes, the white label service provider and reseller become a one-stop-shop for the end-users’ inbound and outbound communications.

Most businesses are thrilled at the opportunity to partner with one competent vendor instead of several. Needlessly maintaining multiple business relationships often costs more than just money — for companies leveraging SaaS, their most important asset is time and knowledge.

The eCommerce industry has never entirely found the most effective solution for reaching customers when and how they want. With an enormous assortment of tools, they’ve encountered a challenge of excess, where more communication mediums emerge from their attempts to consolidate and manage communications! eCommerce customers have been left with an odd sense that all possibilities are on the table with each technological promise, but what’s already in their hands isn’t quite gelling.

Top-tier CCaaS providers seek to change that, just as they’ve done for the UCaaS industry. As the latter is anticipated to reach $70 billion by 2028, CCaaS (projected to reach $16 billion by 2027) will likely form a respectable niche for itself as well. If the wide-scale benefits achieved by UCaaS are any indication, CCaaS will likely leave a similar impact on businesses.

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CCaaS will inevitably resolve many of your customers’ pain points at once, and for innumerable satisfied customers, the time- and effort-saving promises of CCaaS are already here. In the hands of a tier-1 communications expert, the sky is truly the limit.

Being the First Stop for Your Customers

A white label reseller’s job is to add value to their provider’s communications services but in the marketing and customer relationship space. The more solutions they can present in one fell swoop, the more authority they’ll have in their chosen market niche. With in-house contact center services, businesses will be able to outsource several essential but challenging tasks:

  • Field customer inquiries
  • Provide personal support
  • Maintain customer loyalty
  • Initiate customer outreach programs
  • Manage multichannel communications

The time and labor saved are enormous for these and other critical relationship-nurturing tasks. As a white-label reseller, you’ll likely be pressed to explain how CCaaS can secure a respectable ROI. The following can serve as effective talking points to elaborate on the benefits of CCaaSS.

Key Benefit #1: Elevates Brand Reputation

When all it takes to lose business is one mismanaged interaction, customers can’t afford to take chances on inferior contact center services. Even worse, having no high-quality phone support might compel customers to turn elsewhere and tell others to. The more a company depends on the strength of customer bonds, the greater its reputation needs to be to show that they’ve earned its stake in the market they serve.

Key Benefit #2: Strengthens the Customer-Brand Relationship

Customer satisfaction depends on open, forthcoming communication. By maintaining a polished and professional call center, businesses send an implicit message to customers that they care. The smoother a customer’s call center experience is, the more loyal they’ll remain — and with increasing competition, elevating customer relationships, whatever the approach, is more critical than ever.

Key Benefit #3: Improves Internal Communications

With extra bandwidth, teams can focus on their roles within their organization more than managing customer relationships in ways that may be outside their skillset. By leveraging more comprehensive inbound and outbound communications services, businesses have not only outsourced their communications technology needs — they’ve also outsourced much of its use.

If companies aren’t resolving customer needs quickly enough, their interdepartmental relationships also inevitably break down. Professional contact centers free up immense bandwidth in the ways that count most for businesses today.

Key Benefit #4: Puts Fully Managed, Professional Contact Center Technology Into Action

CCaaS makes the latest call center and social technology solutions immediately available, but without burdening companies with management duties — neither for IT, CRM, personnel, or otherwise. Under your brand, the client instantly elevates their ability to support provide their client base with support services that include::

  • Tier-1 connections with near-perfect uptime
  • Geo-redundant data centers to protect customer data
  • 24/7 real-time support, with an elaborate ticketing system and escalation policies
  • Best-in-breed security
  • US, Canada, and international service reach
  • All the same great features you’d expect from a UCaaS provider, integrated easily with the client’s tech stack

Drive Sales by Supporting Your Customers’ Customers

While UCaaS is a reliable, time-tested communications solution, integrating it with CCaaS is the most effective way for companies to maximize their entire inbound and outbound communications strategies. If modern contact center technology does for customer outreach services what unified communications did for IP-telephone services, sales companies that position themselves now stand to reap significant rewards throughout the coming years.

If you’re interested in how turnkey CCaaS solutions can improve white-label sales by bolstering communications at even greater levels than UCaaS, get started with our reseller program today.