The Value of White-Label IT Support Services

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The business world is constantly changing, and companies need reliable, flexible communication platforms to keep up with the workplace evolution. With the hybrid work structure becoming the norm globally, businesses need to consolidate voice, video messaging, and other communication tools into one streamlined solution.

To meet this rising demand, many IT resellers are looking to extend their service offering to provide modern UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solutions. So many businesses are looking to enhance and expand their communications capabilities, the UCaaS market is expected to be worth $79.3 billion by 2024. 

However, building customized UCaaS solutions from scratch to meet the exact specifications of the market can set you up for failure. You face issues like reinventing the wheel, slow time-to-market, a steep learning curve outside your core competency, and spending time developing solutions that exist in other formats. This is where white-label IT support services come into the picture.

What are White-Label IT Support Services?

White-label refers to fully supported products or services made by one company but marketed and sold by another. The owner sells their white-label products without branding to a reseller, allowing the reseller to customize them with their brand, logo, and identity. As a result, the reseller’s customers associate the products with them, not the third-party owner.

For example, communications service providers such as MSPs, ISPs, or VARs (resellers) can partner with a white-label IT support services provider to sell private branded UCaaS and VoIP solutions to end-users without worrying about the resources needed to provide those services.

The IT services provider focuses on finding cost-effective ways to develop solutions without having to incur the costs of marketing them, while the reseller offers end-users branded, risk-free IT solutions they don’t have to support or even have much technical knowledge to sell.

Resellers are ideally suited to add UCaaS solutions to their product portfolios since it’s a natural extension of their product offerings to customers. UCaaS solutions allow resellers to grow their monthly recurring revenue and customer base by becoming a one-stop shop.

The biggest benefit of partnering with a white-label IT service provider is they do the heavy lifting by providing the product and delivering top-tier technical support (with or without VoIP solutions). With many wholesale IT support services providers, the reseller never has to deal with customer service issues. The seller of the product takes care of everything, so the reseller can focus on growing their business instead of troubleshooting, billing or managing other customer service issues.

The Reseller Model

The reseller model offers the best and most profitable way for businesses offering UCaaS solutions to go to market. 

Many organizations already have VoIP phones, so they are looking for more integrated communication tools to boost collaboration and productivity. IT support companies are under constant pressure to keep pace with technological advancements and offer state-of-the-art products that help organizations scale and simplify their communication solutions. However, it’s challenging for IT service providers to grow their product offerings overnight. Developing a product from scratch takes time and resources, which is not always possible to have in this highly competitive world. 

Under the reseller model, you just need to brand and sell innovative solutions, and your white-label IT support service provider will handle the rest. This reseller model takes away the headache of researching and developing products while allowing you to deliver valuable products and build strong and meaningful relationships with customers. 

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Why White-Label IT Support Services are Critical for Resellers

White-label IT support services are critical for you as a reseller because you can expand your business and revenue with the least amount of resources. You get access to a comprehensive UCaaS reseller platform complete with the support and technology you need to build your brand and achieve impressive margins as a reseller. You also get a reliable platform that allows you to offer flexible communication solutions under one roof.

Additionally, you can modernize your clients’ communications as a reseller by offering the following comprehensive, white-label support features:

  • Business SMS
  • Virtual fax
  • Call center and CCaaS
  • Voice API
  • Video collaboration
  • Mobile or desktop softphone
  • Microsoft teams connector
  • Exclusive store
  • Quoting and billing tools
  • QoS monitor

Offering your clients a comprehensive solution saves them the time, money, and hassle of seeking different products and services from multiple providers. 

Always look for white-label UCaaS providers that offer effective, reliable solutions with 24/7 customer support, and a streamlined platform to efficiently allow you to meet your customers’ needs. It also makes it simple for you to deliver on SLAs, get what you need, and support your clients with minimal effort.

It is best to look for a reseller program that offers volume pricing from its carrier partner. You can then enjoy a highly automated quote-to-cash system, reducing your support services’ response times.

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How White-Label IT Solutions Benefit your Business

The highly competitive digital marketing environment requires a prompt response to the ever-changing business landscape. Unfortunately, building an in-house solution and high-value products comes with technical constraints that could see your brand sabotage itself if you are not careful.

For this reason, many businesses resort to white-labeling their products to avoid spending extra resources and effort. The right white-label reseller program comes with customization opportunities that allow you to expand your reach, offer comprehensive solutions, and fine-tune your marketing initiatives and campaigns with custom-branded content.

Below are more benefits of white-label UCaaS and IT support solutions:

  1. Branding

A white-label software partner allows you to get your brand in front of potential customers quickly and efficiently. They help you market and sell UCaaS solutions, with some providing you with brandable marketing material where you just need to add your name and logo.

With the right provider, the white-label UCaaS provider’s name never appears anywhere on your solutions to end-users, meaning customers only see they are doing business with you. Therefore, having your name and logo on UCaaS solutions gives you a competitive marketing edge.

  1. High-Quality Products

White-label software providers understand the essence of making quality products to suit numerous companies’ needs. New software products require several rounds of testing before they reach the final customer. The white-label IT solution provider will handle all the product testing and upgrades, allowing you to concentrate on your core competencies.

Since white-label IT solution providers hire the best to beat the competition, you get quality UCaaS solutions you may otherwise not be able to replicate. The white-label reseller model also benefits small businesses that don’t have the staffing or financial resources to make custom communication solutions.

  1. Save You Time

Building unique communications software for your business takes time, even with a team of designers and developers. Therefore, instead of wasting time developing products and reinventing the wheel, you can easily white-label products and services and instead focus on your core competencies.

You get to resell already built and tested products, sometimes with inbuilt training programs to reduce the learning curve.

  1. Lower Risk 

You face no product adoption risk by investing in an established white-label solution. You skip the entire design, programming, and development process and only have to think of the best way to bring it to your customers. As a result, you don’t have to worry about selling a faulty product or taking the time to troubleshoot and fix bugs.

  1. Additional Benefits

Other benefits of white-label solutions include:

  • Additional monthly recurring revenue
  • Become a one-stop-shop for IT support services
  • Extended product and service portfolio
  • More services mean more opportunities to win business
  • Strengthen your existing customer relationships
  • Better customer stickiness and loyalty
  • Improved control over product bundles and prices

If you find an outsourced developer who can create better products than you can, it is worth the time and cost savings to partner with them.

Get Started 

Partnering with a white-label IT services provider who makes your job easy is the most critical step to becoming a successful reseller of communication solutions. Choose a partner who is committed to helping resellers brand a top-rated UCaaS platform as their own and provide streamlined services to get you started with the most in-demand solutions for hybrid workforces.

Expanding your business with a white-label provider helps future-proof your business with an additional revenue stream without all of the hassles of supporting a new service offering. 

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