Let Teams Connector do the Heavy Lifting


Connecting to Microsoft Teams with the Teams Connector by SkySwitch gives you the best of both worlds. 

But what is the real heavy lifting that Teams Connector actually does? Andy Abramson had that same question. 

Video Transcript:

Andy Abramson

Why don’t we talk a little about how it all works because it’s not as simple as just, “we made it simple with the API”, but there’s a lot of heavy lifting going on behind the scenes.

Micah Singer

Yeah, this is just to take a look under the hood. 

All the interactions with Microsoft and the PBX and SkySwitch that we’re doing with PMA technology is sitting in Azure Cloud and in multiple locations. And ultimately it’s comprised of say three components.

One is a media path. So, it’s from the same SkySwitch platform you’re using today through a gateway SBC into Microsoft Teams. It makes sense to choose a gateway that’s near the customer. So US East, US West, I think will be the two that are prominent in this crowd.

Two: Then what we’re also doing is maintaining registration subscription. Some of the features that Corey was showing you were based on getting the standard; turning Teams into a softphone and means it has to act like a softphone. And that’s what we’re mimicking with the teammate connector. 

The third part is really the provisioning; what’s happening on the Microsoft side. So the interfaces, this branding portal, and the other places you build your business customers; we’re talking scripting into PowerShell which is pretty complex at this point. 

PowerShell is old technology; a lot of people know it. And then using extensively with this graph API, which is relatively new, and that’s how we build the teams app and how you showed your businesses their end users’ portals, and so forth.

You can pass real-time information to the user in different parts of the Teams activity feed, so you get a banner pop up on your cell phone; things people are used to.

On the other side, this is SkySwitch domain but is PBXs trunks. The underpinning technology is direct routing. It’s using direct routing, which, is in the media all the time these days. We’re leveraging that. 

Corey Stoker

Right, and you can get direct routing in different ways, but it doesn’t give you near the functionality that Teammate will give you. Essentially, you get another PBX user in your phone’s tab, where Teammate is registered. All of the functionality of the PBX can essentially be integrated into pre-call for that user. So you can still go through auto attendance, routing users, and all that.

Teams Connector by SkySwitch is designed to do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Want to see what else Teams Connector can do for you? Watch the full webinar right here.