Reselling Customized UCaaS Solutions to Small Businesses

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Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a cloud-based communication solution that enables businesses to obtain leading-edge communications software for a monthly fee without adding new infrastructure. It combines multiple technologies, including:

  • Enterprise telephony
  • Mobility
  • Audio, video, and web conferencing
  • Content sharing
  • Productivity tools
  • Unified messaging, instant messaging, and presence 

UCaaS is a cost-effective and efficient solution because the provider retains ownership of the software and infrastructure. This means that the provider is responsible for maintenance and updates. Users pay a monthly fee for licensing.  

How does that translate to recurring income for you? What if you could leverage an established services platform from a reliable provider to resell under your brand? Let’s explore the benefits of reselling customized UCaaS solutions to small businesses.

The Value of UCaaS Reselling

Before adding any new service offerings, business owners understandably want to know more about the long-term demand. After all, new services require recruiting, training, and hiring qualified, experienced staff, as well as investing in the appropriate technology and infrastructure. Or does it? One of the first benefits of UCaaS reselling is that it doesn’t require an extensive lead time or a significant monetary investment to get started. Resellers partner with a provider that manages all those things and offers all the necessary support—so resellers can focus on customer relationships, customizing services, and growing their business.

The UCaaS Market

UCaaS adoption is expanding at a rapid rate. In 2021, the market value was $28.96 billion, and it is projected to reach $69.93 billion by 2028. Recent years have shown a marked change in how businesses operate, driving demand skyward. As more companies adopt a virtual, remote, or hybrid working model, the need for UCaaS communications and collaboration tools continues to increase. 

UCaaS Trends 

Many industries are aware of the need to keep an eye out for emerging trends. That’s how the world’s most successful companies stay ahead of the competition. Understanding what these trends mean, how they could impact operations, and what their company can do to exploit the opportunities presented is how these titans of industry not only pivot rapidly to address changes but also increase profits and market share.

This ability to adapt to new challenges and opportunities without reinvesting in software and infrastructure will continue to drive UCaaS demand over legacy, on-premise communications systems. This year will see UCaaS focusing on the latest technological advances in areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G, cybersecurity, and mobile communications. 

UCaaS Business Value

Ease of adoption, widespread use, and the ability to save on infrastructure and maintenance costs make UCaaS beneficial to any enterprise. Without subscription cloud communication services, these reliable, fully-featured solutions would not be feasible for most small businesses. The potential for strengthening a company’s brand, expanding its service offerings, and adding a new, recurring revenue stream makes UCaaS highly valuable to resellers, as well. 

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UCaaS solutions for small businesses can make a big impact on a reseller’s ability to grow their operations, empower staff, and offer personalized service to new and existing customers. Small business end users are happy to look to their local provider for the service and support they need. A reseller simply has to find the right UCaaS reselling partner to add value, provide additional services to their existing customers, and attract a new client pool, all while creating a new revenue stream and building their own reputation for excellence.

Benefits of UCaaS for Small Businesses

Unified Communications as a Service offers many benefits to businesses of any size, and being ready to discuss these benefits will position you as an authority in the modern communication services your clients are looking for. Some of the additional benefits small businesses can realize by utilizing UCaaS include:

  • No hardware costs – The cost savings add up when considering that there is no need to purchase, install, or maintain an onsite infrastructure in order to use UCaaS. 
  • No maintenance – The provider maintains hosted services.
  • Easily scalable – Small businesses can easily scale to support remote or hybrid work setups and add or remove users as needed. 
  • Flexibility – As needs change, businesses have a lot of flexibility with the variety of communication options UCaaS offers.
  • Quick access from anywhere – The ability to enable a mobile workforce and provide access to solutions from anywhere is a growing need.
  • Unified communications – Communications, productivity tools, and applications are all in one place, reducing the need for training on multiple disparate platforms. 
  • Managed updates – Small business owners no longer have to worry about keeping their communications and productivity software up to date on the latest software or security updates, as the provider takes care of it. 
  • Fast and simple – Workers are able to take advantage of UCaaS immediately with a quick and easy setup. 

UCaaS is particularly impactful for your small business customers, as the services you offer can be customized to each operation’s needs. New and smaller businesses often don’t need all the features that larger companies use each day, nor are they willing or able to pay for services they don’t use. UCaaS allows them to select and pay for only the services that will benefit their company. 

What Prompts Small Businesses To Explore UCaaS?

There are many reasons that businesses of all sizes need UCaaS. However, it takes an awareness and understanding of what it is and what it can offer to put them on the journey to taking advantage of its many benefits. Here are some of the common reasons small businesses reach out for more information. 

Connecting and Empowering Hybrid and Mobile Workforces

The way we work is evolving. In recent years, it’s increasingly common to see 100% virtual companies and even businesses that previously operated under the traditional approach where employees were collocated each day in a common building are now adopting remote or hybrid work policies

That means they need ways to have the same access to their tools, documents, and teams that they had before. UCaaS gives them collaboration and communication tools like chat, voice, video, meetings, file sharing, and more, with the ability to access them securely from anywhere. 

Enhancing and Streamlining Collaboration

Even when employees are in the same building, they don’t always have access to streamlined collaboration tools. It gets even more difficult when different people, departments, or offices use multiple tools. A mix of platforms and tools can cause delays, confusion, and compatibility issues. It also means employees are tasked with learning new software each time someone introduces a new tool. 

UCaaS gives businesses a central platform where employees can access, store, share, and collaborate simultaneously on files and projects. It provides a versioning history for total transparency into who made what changes. It also prevents communication gaps and lost data that can happen when multiple copies are saved and shared for editing. 

Optimizing Efficiency

Workflow optimization is something that many companies fail to focus on until there is a problem, either in communication, product quality, employee burnout, turnover, or customer complaints. Small businesses know that they have to operate as efficiently as possible, as they are doing so under budget and staffing limitations. However, knowing that they have to optimize their workflows doesn’t always mean they have the tools or knowledge to do so effectively.

UCaaS offers an integrated solution that increases productivity by reducing the need to switch between multiple disparate software applications. They have visibility into who is available to meet and several options for how to contact and communicate with them. Since the applications and work products are all stored centrally, it is easy to communicate and collaborate quickly and efficiently, saving time and reducing the risk of errors and omissions.

Enhancing Security

Securing systems while maintaining consistent and reliable communication and access to data is at the forefront of every organization’s IT department objectives. The more in-house applications and systems there are the greater the burden on the business’s resources. UCaaS reduces that burden by entrusting it to the rigid security protocols that a top-tier provider offers. 

Reducing the IT Workload

Let’s face it, staffing an IT department with qualified, experienced employees is expensive. It is also very competitive. That means businesses need to take care of their existing departments, including not adding to their already hefty workload. Managed UCaaS takes the burden of application maintenance, monitoring, and updating off the user’s team and puts it back on the provider. That leaves IT teams in small businesses free to concentrate on other critical initiatives, like digital transformation. 

Integrating with Other Business Systems

When a company has already invested in other business systems, they need to consider interoperability and compatibility when they want to add software. In a rapidly growing or evolving operation, scaling becomes more cumbersome when they have to start from scratch with every new integration. UCaaS reduces that roadblock by providing multiple solutions that easily integrate with existing systems. It gives business owners the power to scale seamlessly as their needs change. 

Saving Money

Smaller budgets dictate that each dollar must be used mindfully, with the greatest potential for return on investment (ROI). UCaaS not only provides critical services to enhance operations and customer service but does so in a cost-efficient manner. There is no need to purchase additional hardware, hire more IT staff for support, or conduct training on individual software.

Using cloud-based communication technology provides significant cost savings over legacy landline and PBX phone systems. It also consolidates services, meaning small businesses need only one vendor for all their communications and collaboration services. UCaaS cuts costs, reduces administrative overhead, and offers ways to customize solutions for the greatest cost-efficiency. 

More About White-Label UCaaS Reselling

There are common reselling models. One involves becoming an authorized reseller for the provider brand. The other is called white-label reselling. 

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White-label or private-label UCaaS reselling means that you can offer a robust, comprehensive cloud-based communication and collaboration software suite under your own brand. Like the end user, you don’t have to start from scratch, invest months in training, or invest in infrastructure. You start with finding a well-respected, reliable, and reputable UCaaS reselling partner. Then you can start to offer the services and enjoy the benefits.

Other Advantages To Becoming a White Label UCaaS Reseller

Becoming a UCaaS white-label reseller lets you provide a specially customized solution to your clients. In turn, it gives you the benefit of increasing your recurring revenue, enhancing your brand value, and strengthening customer loyalty. However, there are also other advantages to becoming a private-label UCaaS reseller.

Time to Market

UCaaS isn’t just in high demand from end users. It’s highly coveted by those who want to leverage that demand to build their own service offerings. UCaaS reselling offers a quick and easy turnkey solution, allowing resellers to get a jump on the competition. Remember, time is money, and you want to be the one customers turn to for their solutions. 

Easy Administration

You already know that you don’t have to purchase or maintain expensive infrastructure to use or offer UCaaS. What you may not know is how simple administration is. With the right reselling partner, you gain the benefit of having your application systems, operational support systems, and business support systems in one place. Additionally, your end users will have the ability to manage features and preferences on their end. 

Resell Customized UCaaS Solutions to Benefit Both You and Your Clients

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, become a UCaaS reseller with SkySwitch. We offer a managed white-label UCaaS solution that empowers end users with next-generation communication without the added expense and responsibility of maintaining it. 

We offer fast time-to-market, a full onboarding process, and a team of experienced professionals to support you, all with minimal startup fees. Diversifying your service offerings is a great way to expand your business. It’s even better when you have a partner that can grow with you. SkySwitch can help. Let’s get started.