Unlocking Lucrative Opportunities: The Profitable World of Reselling VoIP for Success and Growth

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is quickly becoming the chosen business communication technology for companies everywhere. With the proliferation of cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platforms, VoIP helps smaller businesses leverage options that were previously out of reach for limited budgets. Reselling VoIP services means that you help provide companies of all sizes in every industry with options that were impossible with traditional phone services—while improving your overall business success. 

Alongside the advanced capabilities VoIP provides, reselling this technology can offer significant profit opportunities and growth potential for companies that take advantage of it. Businesses that use VoIP can save an average of 50% over the costs of setting up on-premise phone systems, not to mention making it easier to collaborate with staff and communicate with clients.

Resellers can create new, recurring revenue streams, diversify their service offerings, expand their businesses, and increase their value to their customers. But what exactly does being a VoIP reseller mean, what benefits does it provide, and what should you look for in a provider partner program? 

What Does Reselling VoIP White-Label Services Mean?

White-label is a term used to describe what many companies do often. Have you ever bought a store-brand item because it’s less expensive than the name brand, only to find out that it is the exact same product with different packaging? That is one example of how white-labeling works. It is essentially the repackaging and rebranding of an existing product with the knowledge and consent of the original seller. 

White-label VoIP reselling means that a business owner enters an agreement with a platform provider to sell the service to other customers under their own brand. SaaS companies commonly benefit from this model, as do software distributors. It’s an easy way to provide a service platform without starting from scratch. This model is advantageous for the provider, resellers, and end users.

Benefits of providing white-label solutions include:

  • Risk reduction. Resellers already have proof of the value and efficacy of the solution before investing time, effort, and money in it. 
  • Increased brand strength. Business owners understand the critical quality of being trustworthy. White-label solutions with sterling results help resellers increase and strengthen their own brand reputation. 
  • Faster time to market. By simply rebranding an existing solution, resellers can quickly deploy to expand their service offerings and start producing more revenue. 

How Can Becoming a White-Label VoIP Reseller Benefit Your Business?

The VoIP services market is expected to reach a value of $278 billion by 2031. This means that there is no better time to get started as a reseller. Chances are you already have customers looking for a VoIP provider. If they have an existing, trusted professional relationship with you, they are more likely to want to purchase other goods and services from you if given the opportunity. 

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Reselling VoIP allows you to offer your customers scalability, flexibility, and unified communications that help them innovate, collaborate, and communicate with the efficiency that will keep them ahead of the game. You, as their provider, will be the one that helps them achieve their goals through better communication. Your business is now poised to discover the many advantages of reselling VoIP.

A New Revenue Source

All income is not equal. There is considerable cost, time, and effort in producing a new product. Unless your inventory is produced only upon order, you have storage considerations. If you provide services that require skilled tradesmen performing manual repairs, maintenance, or installation, such as an electrician or plumber, you have to pay skilled trade wages and provide the right tools. 

When you add a new income stream by reselling VoIP services, you don’t have to hire new staff or invest in new tools. There is no special hardware required. You are leveraging a tried-and-true existing services platform for recurring income gained by selling communications technology to your customers who were already seeking a trusted provider. 

Expanded Service Offerings

If you are considering adding VoIP services to your offerings, you likely have already established an existing business with satisfied customers. One of the best and fastest ways to grow is by expanding on what you make available to your customers.

Take Amazon for example. What started as an online retailer for physical (not digital) books is now a global household name, adding to its offerings over the years to provide access to countless physical and digital products and services, including a web services business. 

Adapting and diversifying is the way to keep your company relevant and thriving. By becoming a reseller, you are extending your value to your existing customers and attracting new ones. It preserves and extends your relevancy in the market and can give you a competitive advantage. White-labeling gives you new expertise that adds to the demand for your brand. 

Enhanced Growth With Little Investment

Growing your business does not have to come at a significant investment of time or money. You gain the platform, training, and support with little to no upfront investment, depending upon the provider plan you choose. For Managed Service Providers (MSPs), adding white-label VoIP services to your offerings extends your cost savings to your customers by giving them one provider for all their needs. You also don’t have to worry about keeping your customers’ services secure and up-to-date, as your VoIP provider takes care of that for you.

Increased Customer Pool with Greater Retention

Since your customers are already either paying for VoIP service or are ready for updated communications technology, why not be the provider they pay? If you resell VoIP services along with other products and services, your customers have multiple reasons to do business with you. You also have a new reason to engage with them, creating greater customer loyalty. Happy customers stay loyal to their favorite companies and brands, and that loyalty can be easily translated into your best form of advertisement.

Is Now the Right Time To Become a Reseller?

Though you can now see the huge financial growth in the VoIP market, you may still be considering whether now is the right time to start reselling VoIP services. Asking yourself the following four questions can help bring clarity to your business plan.

  1. Am I Ready to Create More Recurring Income?

You know how to work hard to provide valuable products and services for your customers. However, many businesses experience the cyclical nature of sales that produces income fluctuations. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can count on your subscription services to provide reliable, recurring revenue each month that you can forecast?

  1. Am I Ready to Expand My Business by Offering the Highest Value New Service with Less Effort?

Offering white-label VoIP services means you don’t have to start over to build a business. When you choose wisely, you leverage a platform, support, and processes that have been tested and refined over time. Adopting the right platform means you have a ready-made ecosystem designed to help you reduce time to market so you can quickly become even more profitable with added value to your customers.

  1. Do I Want to Become a Trusted Provider of Premium Cloud-Based Communication Solutions with Next-Level Support? 

When you choose a provider partner with a robust, integrated solution, you don’t have to work hard to resell it. Your current and prospective customers already know they need better technology. The right solution will sell itself by offering the customized solutions your customers need with best-in-class services, features, and support.

  1. Am I Ready To Have a Provider Partner That Can Support My Growth Goals?

Choosing the right partner is crucial. You want to know that you have access to the best communications solutions, onboarding, training, and support to position you for success. The right partner will not only help you with reselling VoIP as part of your business but will help you position your business for continued growth and success. 

How Do I Choose a VoIP Reseller Program?

The first step in choosing the right VoIP reseller program is understanding what you need. Your main goal will be to gain the greatest earning potential with the least effort by providing leading-edge communication technology with best-in-class service. 

What you probably do not want is an inflexible, canned solution that is the same for you as it is for every other reseller on the platform. Customizing your own offering and making it an integral part of your business by leveraging a customized reseller program is the way to fit your needs and position you for the greatest success. 

Next is proof of concept. Make sure your provider can show you how other companies have achieved success with their platform and processes. Do they offer case studies? Look for detailed studies that share the customer’s business name, problem statement, the features that were leveraged, and the benefits achieved with the successful outcome.

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When choosing the best white-label VoIP reseller program for you, evaluate how many of the following services, features, and opportunities they offer:

  • Rapid deployment with comprehensive onboarding 
  • Low startup investment
  • An experienced team of professionals to support you
  • Quick, automated quote-to-cash model
  • A vast option of application and system integrations 
  • Ability to leverage the buying power of an established company to purchase devices from leading brands
  • Business support systems, application systems, and operational support systems in one place
  • 99.999% platform uptime

What Type of Onboarding and Training Should I Expect?

A premier partner for reselling VoIP services will provide the type of training that prepares you for ongoing success. It should start with a comprehensive onboarding process that pairs you with dedicated specialists to help you get ready for launch. Training should cover all aspects of the provider’s features and functionality so that you fully understand the capabilities you are offering your customers. Let’s look at some expectations for what you should consider learning. 

  • Billing services training
  • Tier one support
  • Learning Management System (LMS) training with instruction on quick and easy deployment
  • Onboarding that is comprehensive and designed for resellers 
  • Single-source, best-in-class support from provisioning to billing
  • Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform training

As a new reseller, it’s important to know that your onboarding and training isn’t a one-and-done proposition. The right partner will provide ongoing support and access to learning throughout the life of your partnership. 

When new features are deployed, they will ensure you stay ahead of the curve by preparing you to explain the value to your customers. Your ideal provider partner will give you an actionable training roadmap as well as a sales and marketing roadmap. With these tools, you can be sure you have checked off every step to put you on the path to faster revenue generation in only a few weeks. 

Unlock Your Unbounded Financial Future by Reselling VoIP White-Label Services

You’ve worked hard to build your business, your client base, and your brand. Now it’s time to increase your value to your customers, strengthen your reputation, and grow your company and profits. Joining an industry poised to reach $102.5 billion within the next three years is a wise choice. Becoming a reseller of white-label VoIP services puts you in a position to achieve your financial goals. 

When you are ready to create a new service offering that gets you to market faster, offers ongoing training and support, adds to your brand reputation, and provides a lucrative return on investment (ROI), partner with the best in white-label VoIP and next-generation UCaaS services. 

SkySwitch gives resellers the opportunity to create their own custom program with a turnkey reseller platform. Whether you are a smaller-sized MSP, VAR, or System Integrator, we invite you to get started today by branding our next-generation UCaaS platform as your own. Begin offering comprehensive or individual VoIP communications services to your customers today.