VTech Desktop Cordless SIP Phones Now Available in SkySwitch Store


VTech, well known for their outstanding cordless DECT phones for the consumer market, is expanding  into the world of business SIP phones.

A unique feature of VTech Eris SIP phone line is the use of DECT cordless technology in desktop and conference room phones.  These phones can be deployed without the need for ethernet cabling by pairing them with an ErisTerminal base-station or repeater using DECT 6 technology.

Until now, there were two choices when deploying SIP phones in areas with no network cabling:  use a portable DECT SIP phone (like the Yealink W56P); or, use a Wifi dongle on a standard SIP handset .  Neither approach worked well for stationary users.  Wifi is notoriously bad when it comes to VoIP QoS, and most cordless handsets have small form factors that do not work well on a desk.  The VTech approach is unique because it pairs the desktop form factor with DECT cordless technology.

While these phones are missing some of the bells and whistles that are becoming de rigueur from other manufacturers (features such as color LCD and touchscreen display are not currently available) they look and feel solid and have all the basic features required for a hosted PBX user.   In deployments where ethernet cabling is a limitation, these phones definitely meet a need that is unfilled by other manufacturers.

The VTech ErisTerminal line of phones is now available for purchase in the SkySwitch Store.  In the coming weeks, single-screen provisioning will be available so that both the phone and the PBX can be auto-provisioned at the time of purchase.  Look for upcoming promotions that will make it easy for SkySwitch resellers to test-drive these phones.