Webinar Rewind: Single Pane of Glass Billing Solution for SkySwitch Resellers Presented by Datagate

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SkySwitch prides itself on having a rich and robust cloud communications platform that acts as a one-stop-shop for our resellers. To make billing just as easy, we’ve added Datagate, a one-stop SaaS telecom billing platform for MSPs and resellers like you to our ecosystem.

We asked Datagate CEO Mark Loveys to join SkySwitch’s Andy Abramson for a webinar to better inform resellers on how Datagate has everything required to make telecom billing fast, easy, profitable and compliant, all in a single SaaS package. For this webinar, we took a deep-dive into how the SkySwitch-Datagate-ConnectWise-QuickBooks-ConnectBooster integrated solution has helped MSPs save countless hours in their billing of telecom services. 

We also heard from fellow SkySwitch reseller Bob Bascom, Founder of Charleston Telecom about his first-hand experience using Datagate with SkySwitch and how this integration has helped his business blossom. 

If you missed the interactive live session, no worries! For your convenience, you’ll find access to the webinar recording, presentation and the major highlights of this week’s webinar below.


Datagate + SkySwitch

Despite Covid-19, from August 2019 to August 2020, in the U.S., there has been a 77.5% increase in VoIP revenue growth for MSPs. With Datagate’s intricately designed SaaS package SkySwitch MSPs and resellers have also experienced an increase in their revenue.

Billing Flow with Datagate

Instead of replicating software that MSPs may already be using, Datagate chooses to stay in their own lane and deploy a more efficient way to within your ecosystem. This means helping you with problems you may already be facing.

Problems MSPs Face

  • There’s a lot to account for when it comes to communications taxes, now being collected by thousands of jurisdictions across the U.S., which is why it’s a bit more complicated than basic sales tax.


  • With a lack of integrations for your software ecosystem, billing telecom services becomes even more difficult. Rekeying invoices across different systems takes up valuable time and can lead to mistakes.

Payment & Billing Machine

Datagate refers to their software as a machine because it is always running. Their system is constantly collecting CDRs as well as checking and validating this data automatically for SkySwitch resellers. 

Once collected, Datagate can rate the data virtually and automatically generate telecom invoices, instantly calculate taxes, send the invoice to the customer and export the invoice into your company’s ecosystem ensuring successful delivery.

Datagate + ConnectWise

Along with sending data to your PSA or accounting system, they can also pull information like customer details, agreement and product info. Datagate can push invoice data to ConnectWise in two ways combining all invoices in one. 

With Datagate’s ConnectWise integration, you can provision telecom just like any other IT service. Through ConnectWise Sell and ConnectWise Manage, you can create the quote and turn it into an agreement, then Datagate reads the agreement for billing purposes. 

Once the invoice generates, resellers have the option to use Datagate’s white-label end-customer portal to ConnectBooster to collect any telecom payments.

Case Study: Charleston Telecom

SkySwitch Reseller and Founder of Charleston Telecom, Bob Bascom, joined us for a live testimonial of how Datagate’s integrations with ConnectWise, ConnectBooster and QuickBooks Online has created an ‘automated billing and payments machine’ that runs itself and gave him valuable time back to focus on his business.

Is Datagate Right For You?

Datagate has made it easier than ever to get started with them. All you have to do is contact your SkySwitch Sales Representative at sales@skyswitch.com and ask for a Datagate demo. We do the rest for you! 

To continue making the telecom billing process as easy for MSPs as possible, Datagate is constantly looking for ways to improve. Be on the lookout for what’s to come for Datagate in 2021.