Why Being a SkySwitch Reseller Just Got Better


When SkySwitch became part of the BCM One family, a bevy of new opportunities became available to current SkySwitch resellers.

In this webinar, representatives from BCM One and SkySwitch fill you in on everything you need to know about the new services available, value they bring to you and your clients, and how to start offering them, adding more revenue to your bottom line.

Video Transcript:


Hello everybody. And welcome to another great SkySwitch webinar. And this one is a really special one. We’re going to have a lot of fun today with our guests, with our participants. Some people, you know, some people you don’t know. 

I’m Andy Abramson. And I have a lot of fun hosting these for SkySwitch today. We’re bringing along someone, you know, very well, Jayson Jones. We’re also going to have some of our new friends from BCM One as part of the whole relationship that started in December. 

So with that, let me talk a little bit about what we’re going to do today. We’re going to have a really nice webinar that’s going to introduce you to some new services that you can be selling to your customers. And to start that off, I’m going to hand it over to the person who really makes it all happen inside SkySwitch when it comes to your very, very, very valuable reseller family. The one and only, the unduplicated, often imitated Jayson Jones. 

Jayson Jones:

Thank you very much. Thank you, Andy, for that kind intro. 

Hey guys, it’s great to be back with you. It’s been a long time. I haven’t really been participating on the SkySwitch university webinar series all that much over the last couple because Andy, the team, and Erica they’ve been doing a fantastic job, and hats off to them for really taking care of us in that capacity. 

But I always want to get in front of you. We know we missed Vectors last year. It was scheduled, you know, the pandemic, everything that happened, and that’s our only opportunity to really get face-to-face with our resellers. We miss that. We wanted to do more of a round table discussion with you, bring your questions, bring your concerns in, discuss new topics and some new technology, some new services; but I want to go back to the pandemic real quick and just talk about what we learned last year about ourselves, about our companies. You know, we learned that we were really kind of a pandemic-proof business.

Some companies thrived. Some went down a little bit, but we all survived it and we came through it, which is huge for us. And we learned a lot about who we are as a company and as people, and it takes communication. And that’s why we got these online webinars and these collaboration tools like Zoom and this new video collaboration tool that we’re coming out with from SkySwitch that allows that communication to be healthy for your business.  

It’s good to be face-to-face with our customers. We’re really excited about that. Another topic I want to talk to you about was how we were acquired by DCM holdings last year. It’s no secret there. The words out, press releases are all out. And everybody wants to know how’s it going? And how’s it working with BCM One. 

And I got to tell you, I am really elated to be working with their team and their leadership over there. The thought-leadership that they have over there, where they want to take the company, how they continually want to strive to deliver better services, better technology for Channel. And that’s where the synergies come in. They’re very channel-focused. SkySwitch is very channel-focused. And that’s why we’re melding together perfectly. We’re really excited about that too. 

Let’s get back to what we’re here to talk about today and that’s a few products and services we will be offering, but before we get started with that, I want to do an introduction to the VP of Channel Services and Channel Sales over at BCM One. His name is Andy Steinke. 

Andy is really my counterpart. He takes care of this channel. Like I’m the caretaker of my channel. Andy, he’s going to give you an overview of BCM One, and then he’ll introduce some of the other players that are on the call today. So let’s sit back. Let’s have a great time and enjoy this time together. Thanks much. 

Andy, Jayson, and everyone else on the call are thrilled at the new opportunities available to their ever-growing reseller family. 

Check out the whole webinar right here and maximize your opportunities to serve your customers as best as possible.