ActionURLs with Zapier and Slack


As promised! An ActionURL video with Zapier where I set up integrations with Google Sheets, Email and Slack. I really appreciated the emails and feedback on the last video showing the Philips Hue integration through IFTTT. The feedback led me to include several things in this video; such as where to find documentation, auto-provisioning, and some troubleshooting basics. While the Philips Hue integration might have sparked your interest, this video may help you realize more of the potential behind using ActionURLs. The possibilities of what you can do with ActionURLs are nearly endless, it’s only limited by your imagination.

ActionURLs can be configured on just about any brand of VoIP phone, where they send an HTTP GET or POST request to a URL. The URL that you send to is called a Webhook, which is just waiting for information from the GET or POST. Without any development experience, you can use tools like IFTTT and Zapier to trigger another action, like change your Slack status! Utilizing ActionURLs can really set you apart from the competition, including the big Telco guys.

I’m adding timestamps in case you are interested in jumping to a specific topic. I cover creating a call log with Google Sheets (2:19), creating emails when a phone loses registration (13:39), and changing your status in Slack by your phones activity (19:47).

The Github Tool that I mention in this video can be found at here