Bringing Amazon Echo to Work


All the recent talk about the Amazon Echo got me wanting to put Amazon’s personal agent to work for the company PBX. Being able to control PBX features using voice commands is a nifty trick, and one that is easily accomplished by creating a Alexa Skill that connects to the SkySwitch Voice API.

This video shows our first attempt at doing this. In the video, I am asking Alexa to call Frank, a contact in my PBX account. The skill looks up the contact information for Frank, and then places the call for me by ringing my extension first and connecting to Frank after I answer.

Alexa skills can be used to voice enable almost any hosted PBX feature, such as forwarding calls, checking on the status of an extension, or adding participants to a conference call. We plan to expand on this concept and make voice commands an integrated part of our white-label UCaaS solution for SkySwitch Resellers.